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Who is David Yurman: A Backgrounder on America’s Preeminent Jewelry Designer Leave a reply

Who is David Yurman: A Backgrounder on America’s Preeminent Jewelry Designer Leave a reply

Who is David Yurman? David Yurman is actually the founder of the American jewelry designer company by the same name in the United States. With headquarters in New York City, at the moment there are twenty four boutiques of David Yurman in the USA as well as five boutiques around the world.

Early Beginning
It was in Long Island, New York that David Yurman grew up. As a teenager he had met sculptor and welder Ernesto Gonzales who became his mentor, teaching him techniques involving direct welding that influence the work of Yurman to this day. After twelve months at New York University, Yurman quit college and hitchhiked his way between Big Sure, Venice and Greenwich Village as he immersed himself in the cultural movement of the Renaissance of San Francisco and in the Beatnik movement. In the early sixties, he became an apprentice for many years under Jacques Lipchitz, a sculptor of the modernist school. At the same time it was also in Greenwich Village that he established his very own studio and worked for Theodore Roszak and other sculptors up until the late sixties. Hans Van de Bovenkamp the sculptor then hired David to become the foreman of his shop and it was in this very studio that he met his future business partner and wife Sybil Kleinrock.


Significant YearsDavid Yurman Platinum Eden Diamond Eternity Wedding Band - 0.60ctw
It was in nineteen seventy-seven when David was selected as one of 12 exhibiting jewelers for the New York City Jewelers of America New Designer Gallery. Five years later he made an introduction of what was to be the piece that he was going to be known for, his signature which was a twisted helix cable bracelet decorated on its end caps with gemstones. He named this bracelet Renaissance and created a full line of similar jewelry all under the same name. Among all the pieces he had created in his life, this line was the collection that endured the longest. As a matter of fact, all of his collections are connected by one thread and this is the cable design of the Renaissance.

In the earlier part of the seventies, Sybil and David moved to upstate New York in Carmel and formed Putnam Art Works, a company that specialized in jewelry that looked like sculpture. In the next ten years, Sybil and David features exhibits of the designs that they created including paintings, sculpture and jewelry design at various craft fairs and galleries. Through their company, the couple learned the artisanal jewelry and fine crafts marketplace. In nineteen seventy nine the couple married and a year later founded the company called David Yurman. Sybil acted as the collaborator and the co-creator for all the business aspects. On the last day of January in 1982 Evan Yurman, their son was born. It was in Basel, Switzerland’s World Watch and Jewelry Show that David debuted the designs he created with his jewelry. In nineteen ninety-nine, he became a Council of Fashion Designers of American member.

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