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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton Veau Cachemire Calfskin Leather W Bag GM

Do you think you know everything there is to know about designer bags? Whether you are an experienced shopper or a first timer, knowing all there is to know about bags made by well known designers will get you far. Here are unbelievable things you never knew about designer bags.

1. Some houses have their own zipper manufacturers. That’s right. You will know whether or not a bag is authentic when you see certain brands of zippers used. Find out what zipper companies the design house patronizes and never buy a bag that claims to be a certain bag with the wrong zipper ever again.

2. Louis Vuitton bags are handmade and are seamless, particularly its series called Speedy. This is why you will see the LV brand right side up on one side and upside-down on the other side, as just one piece of leather was used to create the entire bag.

3. Handmade bags mean perfect stitches and matched seams. That’s right. When you are buying designer, the price tag is high for a reason. In other words, you can expect durability, matched seams, hand sewn stitches and extremely centered buttons. Fake bags are hastily made with machines, and this is glaringly obvious when you start looking at all the little details in the bag’s exterior and interior.

4. Designers have their own brand of lining as well. Knowing which design house uses which lining enables you to find out if a fake is a fake even when it looks extremely authentic. For instance, check the fabric color and material of the lining. Does it match the description on the design house website? If so then the bag is most likely the real thing.

5. There are identification numbers on certain designer bags and these are created with specific fonts. Get to know what your favorite designer’s font is and you will spot a fake instantly.

6. Buttons and brass fittings are ordered from your designer’s choice of manufacturers. For instance, Louis Vuitton only uses brass fittings so anything other material indicates a fake.

7. Designer bags make a great investment. Just like jewelry and real estate, designer bags kept in exceptional condition have a resale value sometimes much higher than the price you originally paid for it. This is particularly true when just a limited number of that specific bag had been created.

8. A Birkin Bag ranges in price from twelve to two hundred twenty-three US dollars. Made from pink crocodile skin, the handbag that sold for $223,000 broke the world record for handbag sales. Considered the designer bag with the highest resale value, what most people don’t realize is that Birkin bags created by the Hermes designer label are repairable for life. This means that you can pass on a Birkin bag from one generation to another and know that it has the possibility of looking good no matter how long it has been since you bought it.

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