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Why you shouldn’t buy an “It” Bag

Woman Not Happy with Her Designer Bags

1. Most It Bags are a Fad

A good way to tell if something is a Trend or a Fad is to imagine yourself with that item in 3 years time. If you think the next generation can still carry a Louis Vuitton PPM TAURILLON Cherry purse, then that’s a trend that will last every season. However, if it reminds you of the time you bought that Nylon Prada Backpack during the 90’s just so the popular kids would take notice – Ask yourself, where is it now?


2. It Bags are unreasonably expensive

Don’t let the business fool you, the more an item is high in demand, the more expensive it will be. Check the quality of an IT Bag before buying, or else you could be paying triple than its supposed price.

Remember, great things happen for those who wait.

3. You’re probably buying it for the wrong reasons

Everyone has their own reason to buy luxury items; however, you have to make sure that your reason is good enough to take the risk of buying a Fad and unreasonably expensive IT bag.

If it’s because everyone has a fanny pack that re-surged from Rihanna’s 2009 closet, and you must have on too. STOP. Fanny Packs were a fad, and will always be a fad. Remember the 3 year rule.

4. Knock-off or Knock one’s socks off?

Because it’s an IT bag, it’s bound to be popular even abroad. So talk to your conscience, do you really want a bag that can be mistaken for a knock-off? Or even if it isn’t a knock-off, do you really want to be caught carrying something that everyone already has? If yes, then don’t be surprised to see 5 of the same bag in every place you visit, because that’s how IT bags work.

Luxury should be timeless like a diamond, bags are no exception. The next time you’re pressured to buy the “It” bag of this season, calculate, think of these 4 “why shouldn’t you” reason, and don’t forget that the decision is all yours.

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