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Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

  Widely considered to be an investment that is virtually recession proof, diamonds are one of the few investments that never lose value. Over the years, diamonds of high quality never lose its va...
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Tiffany Jewelry in Pop Culture

When it comes to Tiffany jewelry in pop culture, you will be surprised how many times these jewelry pieces are featured in movies, shows, memoirs, plays and novels. The fact is that in popular cult...
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We’re keeping it Native this Autumn 2015

Fall is still a few beauty sleeps away, but we can’t help but get excited to do “fashion-experiments” with these Native American Jewelry. 1. Navajo old pawn sterling coral squash blossom necklaceEq...
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Graduation Gift Guide from The Relux

While gifts of cash would certainly be welcome, you may want to add a personal touch to what you give. Remember, graduating high-school and college would also mean a start of a new chapter in their...
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