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Why Men Love Luxury Watches? 4 Reasons You Need to Know

Why Men Love Luxury Watches? 4 Reasons You Need to Know

Watches are a fashion staple among most men’s wardrobe. However, some of them prefer to sport a luxury timepiece on their wrist. If you’re wondering why your beau, a guy friend, or your father seems to have an obsession over expensive watches, here are four reasons why:

1. Craftsmanship

As mentioned in a previous post, men basically look for timeless style and functionality when they shop. These two qualities are very inherent with luxury watches, thanks to the superior craftsmanship they’re made with.

Luxury watches are manufactured using elaborate methods and the finest materials, which assures their accuracy in timekeeping, longevity, and reliability. Aside from that, their quality is assessed thoroughly before they become available in the market.

Just like the iconic Birkin bag, luxury watches have long production times because of the technology and craftsmanship being incorporated in them. For instance, it may take 10 months to 2 years to make a Patek Philipe watch, depending on the model.

More than their mechanical functions and style, luxury watches are made with dedication and commitment—which are things that will always hold value.


2. Lasting Value

Because luxury timepieces are intricately made with the best technology and materials out there, they tend to last longer than cheaper and mass-produced watches.

But more than being a staple in a man’s wardrobe for years, expensive watches can also be high-worth assets—making it a good financial leverage for you or your heirs in the long run.

Luxury timepieces can carry a high worth in the resale market especially if they are made with precious materials, from a prestigious watch brand name, and have a history that’s worth telling. Watch aficionados and avid collectors would not bat an eyelash in spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a vintage Rolex or Omega watch.

“Rare timepieces traditionally increase in value 5-15 percent annually. That means, depending on the timepiece, a watch investment could double in value in 5-10 years. And, of course, the more rare and prestigious a watch is, the greater the investment return. For example, a rare 18 karat white gold Patek Philippe purchased in 1995 for $430,000 sold in 2010 for $3.47 million,” said Carl Blackburn on his article published in La Jolla Light.


3. Understated elegance

Luxury watches are not as flamboyant as other accessories and fashion pieces, but it exudes elegance in all angles. They are subtle, but people with an eye for quality and style will never miss a luxury timepiece on a man’s wrist. Donning an expensive watch is a man’s way of communication his style, personality, social status and wealth without the need to utter a word or show off.


4. A Family Heirloom

Luxury watches can be a form of inheritance, and it may be passed on from generation to generation.

An expensive watch can be put up for sale in order to help the family overcome a difficult financial situation, or it can be preserved for future generations to serve as a good a reminder of their family history and where they came from.

The reason why men love luxury watches goes beyond aesthetic appeal and showing off, it’s all about value. If there’s a special occasion coming up or if you’re starting to shop for the holidays, treat the men in your life with a luxury watch. You can begin your hunt with our catalog of authentic timepieces from top luxury brands.

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