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Peter Lik: The Man and His Works

    Alluring and engaging though distant and strange—these could probably best describe the works of Peter Lik. Facts reveal that photographer Peter Lik has sold nearly half a billion dollars in p...
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The World in Sid Dickens’ Memory Blocks

    Timeless, poignant, and avant-garde expressions of the world around us that are set as captured imageries in beautifully hand-crafted decorative tiles, or as its designer describes it, the “Mem...
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Unusual and Unique Collectibles

Passion for Collectibles, Part of Human Nature Collecting is part of our lives. We gather items that appeal to us most. It is part of human nature. Look around your room. Can you identify similar i...
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List of Minimalist Watches

These, in essence epitomize what a minimalist style is. Within this description, our subject for the moment, which is the minimalist watch, embodies these attributes. It provides one with the funda...
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Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Want to give something unique to your Mom this mother’s day? Although flowers and greeting cards would be much appreciated, we understand that you want to give the best of everything to your Mom on...
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List: 15 Popular Luxury Watch Brands

  Luxury watches are the perfect combination of style and functionality. Aside from exuding status, an expensive timepiece also reflects a person’s taste for impeccable craftsmanship. Clearly, high...
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