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8 Must-Have Bags for Every Woman

Designer Bag

Bags are not just a piece of garment to haul your stuff in, they’re essential fashion pieces that help complete your look. Your choice of bag can make or break your outfit, so to keep your style on-point, make sure that you have these eight bags in your closet.

1. Everyday Bag

An everyday bag is what you typically use for your daily routine. It should have enough room for your things and it should be easy to carry on your shoulders or arms.

When choosing an everyday bag, you should go for a timeless design in a neutral hue, so that it can go perfectly well with what you typically wear. The Louis Vuitton VIP “Sac Louis” Special Order Chocolate Lambskin Handbag has the anatomy of an ideal everyday bag. If you want to veer away from this style and want something more structured, check out this other piece from Louis Vuitton—the Alma PM Monogram Vernis Bag.


2. Tote Bag

A tote bag is your best friend when you’re running a lot of errands or when you’re going shopping, because they are roomy and easy to carry around.

If you don’t have a tote bag in your arsenal yet, check out the Gucci Leather Guccissima Trim Large Signoria Hobo.


3. Overnight Bag

A last minute trip is not an excuse to haul your things in a lousy bag. Don’t compromise on style just because you have a lot to bring with you. Make sure you have an overnight or weekender bag to use for short trips, because it is big enough to fit your clothes and other essentials, but still stylish to carry around.


4. Day Clutch

When you get tired of the usual handbag or tote, a day clutch can come in handy. Today, day clutches come in different sizes and styles to fit different tastes and needs. Yes, there are clutches big enough to carry your mobile phone, tablet, make-up, and even a foldable pair of flats. Thanks to that, you can now carry your stuff minus the bulk.


5. Evening Clutch or Purse

Gowns and big bulky bags will always be a fashion no-no, so make sure that you have a bag that’s designated for black tie and formal events. Evening clutches or purses need to have an extra dose of sparkle to take you through the night, just like this piece from Rhinestone & Beadwork Floral Evening Bag from Badgley Mischka.


6. Cross-Body Bag

A cross-body bag will be your go-to piece for a laid-back weekend or for days when you want to go for a more casual look. This bag is perfect for a shopping day with friends or a weekend brunch, because it keeps your hands free and relaxed. A perfect example of a cross-body bag is Alexander Wang Rocco’s Leather Rose-Gold Bottom Studded Bag.


7. Patterned or Bright-Colored Bag

There will always be days when you don’t feel like dressing up or when your outfit seems to be too plain. For times like this, a patterned or bright-colored bag can come to your rescue. These bags are a statement on their own and can easily spice up even the most monochromatic ensemble. Louis Vuitton Alma PPM Cherry Taurillon Leather Purse is an example of a bag that can give your look a pop of color.


8. Bag for Fun

Meanwhile, you can always break fashion rules and go bold with a statement bag. These bags usually come in unconventional silhouettes, materials, and colors. Though they’re fun to have, always see to it that you wear them in appropriate settings.


How about you? What are the bags that you think women shouldn’t do without? Please share with us in the comments.

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