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Unusual and Unique Collectibles

Unusual and Unique Collectibles

Passion for Collectibles, Part of Human Nature

Collecting is part of our lives. We gather items that appeal to us most. It is part of human nature. Look around your room. Can you identify similar items or items that fall under the same category? Perhaps you can find not just one or two, but perhaps half a dozen or even more of it. How about your closet? How many tees, pants or dress, which came from the same brand or cut with just about the same style, perhaps even of the same color and quality, that you can see folded or hanging there? What about your bags, shoes, and other accessories? Don’t you think that your selections of these items reflect the kind of collector that you are?

Can you figure out when was the first time you started collecting a particular item from those I have mentioned earlier? Perhaps you had been passionate of other things. For most people, collecting is a natural thing to do. It is a habit that we find difficult to break. Well, there’s actually nothing wrong with that. As long as your collections would not turn out to be just a waste of time and money. Seldom does it happen though. For some people, the first collected items may have been handed to them as gifts or came from another item, hence did not cost a thing at that time. Some of these collections may be tagged with a great price. Some were handed down by relatives and are considered family heirlooms. Still others, collect as they see the items as a form of investment that will give them better returns in the future.

Are You Collecting for Passion or for Profit?

Whether you are collecting for passion or profit, it applies that the things that you consider worth collecting fascinate you. For instance, there are men who love to collect cars. There are also those who prefer things that may be considered by others as unusual collectibles, such as stamps for example. We may find our grannies collecting rare antiques and lock them up in a room dedicated just for everything vintage.

Those who do not understand the value of these collections may consider it ridiculous, and might even think that it is just a waste of money and time. Many collectors may also find no reason as to why they love their collectibles. Just don’t ask them to tell stories of the items in their collection or you will be in some never-ending tale-telling hours.

Everyone thinks that their collection is unusual in some ways, but there are a number of collections that are truly unusual. Others may think it could be a crazy thing to do—consider a collection of toilet paper, or perhaps candy wrappers, and so on. There is literally no limit to what one can add to an unusual collection.

As just about anything can be considered a collectible, it is but vital to distinguish between those that will retain their value from those items that will return nothing to the collector, instead collect dust from sitting on the attic, perhaps disintegrate as time passes. For instance, the case of collected books, autographs, and similar items that may be at times difficult to keep or are not kept properly.

Collectibles Appreciate Over Time

A good example of those investment (in the collected items) that will give you a better return in the future—fine arts, precious metals, and coins. The Wall Street in explaining this point underscores that, “Many have collected fine art and invested in precious metals but now also are diversifying their portfolios with rare coins because they can appreciate their beauty and history, while the coins appreciate in value over the long term.”

Items that a few years back may be acquired at bargain prices now have become treasured collectibles, with quite a high appreciation in value. As such, none would be astounded today to hear that items such as an old comic book are bringing in quite a fortune, for instance, a 1939 comic containing Batman’s first appearance was sold for $567,625 in 2013.

When looking for the item you would invest your time, effort and resources in, it is also important to have a sound understanding that will help you to differentiate an original to an imitation or a mere replica of the original item, so as not you won’t be overpaying for an item that is below its original cost. It also entails an understanding of the average cost of the item based on the location where the item may have been found.

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Some Unusual Collectibles and Antiques You May Consider Collecting

Perhaps, with all of the items that you have accumulated all these years, you have not yet decided whether you would focus your efforts as well as your resources in collecting a specific item that would later be of much value not only to you but to others as well. These might just be what you need. These might inspire you or give you a hint on what items you may consider for your next collection.

  1. Old branded computer or game consoles. Note that in 2013, an Apple-1 computer from 1976 was sold for $671,000 in Germany. A number of items from Apple’s early years are considered valuable today just because they are Apple, which judged as an iconic brand
  2. Old horror movie posters. Did you know that horror posters from the 1930s, when Universal properties like Dracula and Frankenstein were introduced to the film houses, are most preferred by collectors nowadays? In the 1930s, theatre owners cannot hold onto posters longer than they would rather do, as they were required to send them off to the next movie house after a film’s run ended. Posters during those periods were also printed on the cheapest paper so they really did not last. Thus, when actor Nicolas Cage sold a poster for the Bela Lugosi movie Dracula (1931) in 2009, then considered a rare specimen in fine condition, it went for $310,700.
  3. With the rise in fossil value, however, the public saw a dramatic increase in the number of replicas that are now on the market. Nonetheless, for someone whose passion for fossil pieces drives him to know more than just being able to name a piece correctly, will later learn specific information about any fossil that will help him or her be able to differentiate a real from a phony.
  4. Mid-20th Century Home Décor. In every location, you will never fail to observe most people to have a special appreciation of old home decors. With a little determination and a great foresight, you can use whatever piece from earlier times to later received a better return for that piece.
  5. Trading Cards. Kids at any age are now familiar with dota, minecraft, and all sorts of virtual games. There was a time in the past that the same kids had been fighting over cards. Whether it be a baseball card, advertising cards, etc., there are all kinds of trading cards out there to collect.

Whatever you decide to collect in the future, consider you would benefit more than otherwise from these in the future?

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