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How to Keep Your Rolex Looking New

Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are not like phones where you buy, get tired, and save-up until Apple releases a new model. No. Rolex watches are known to make minimal to no dramatic changes in its original design. 10 years from now you won’t be bothered looking at a Rolex watch on your wrist because of its outdated style, however it is a bit embarrassing to sport your poorly maintained arm candy.

Getting your Rolex serviced can cost you around $300-800 depending on what damages you want to get fixed. However, there are ways to avoid spending more money on what was supposed to bring you happiness instead of piling bills.

Let’s get started:

1. Keep your Rolex moving by wearing it often

Did you know that Rolex’s perpetual movement are kept running by subtle movements? By wearing your Rolex, you’re preventing its lubricants (which makes its gears move smoothly) to harden. If a Rolex is left motionless for a long time, it will stop moving which will opt you to wind. If you’re not too keen to wear it often since you don’t want to lose it or scratch it, then buy a watch winder to keep it in motion when not worn.

2. Wind your Rolex up

If you find the need to wind your Rolex, remember to never wind it while wearing it on your wrist. Place your Rolex on a soft, flat surface where it can’t slip out of your hand. Next, unscrew the crown which is located beside the 3 o’clock mark and start winding counter clock-wise for about 30-40 times until you feel something pop. Rolex has a built-in device that prevents a person from over-winding.

A Rolex won’t usually start working after winding. However, if it hasn’t started moving for a while, gently rock it (don’t shake!) to begin its movement, or lay it down and wait for it to move on its own. If your Rolex still won’t move after doing these, take the watch to a certified Rolex dealer to check if the watch is damaged.

3. Wash your Rolex

This is not advisable for Rolex models that are not waterproof, but if it is waterproof then go on and do this step.

* Wash your hand to remove excess dirt and oil.

* Check the winding crown if it is tightly screwed into the case to make sure that no water will enter the interior of your Rolex.

* Rinse off the watch with lukewarm water to remove any loose particles first before gently washing the watch’s exterior with an ammonia free, mild soap. Make use of an old toothbrush to thoroughly scrub away dirt, especially on the links between the bracelets.

* Next, while continuing to use lukewarm water, gently submerge your Rolex watch into it, in short intervals, until all the soap is gone. Take a closer look and wash away any excess soap by using your hand. We don’t advice washing your Rolex watch in the sink or the tub, it’s best to get a shallow pail to avoid grave damage to your watch if it slips out of your hand.

4. Polish away minor scratches on your Rolex watch

Rolex watches are not scratch-free (at least for now); but, there is a way to make the scratches unnoticeable. Remember not to use common cloth like kitchen towels or a piece of unused garment – there’s a chance that it will add more scratch because of its texture that is not fit for polishing stainless steel and gold; furthermore, invest in gold polishing cloths and polishing liquid, and avoid polishing liquids that are not designed for cleaning jewelry. You only need a minute and gentle strokes to get this job done. Don’t polish it on a circular motion, instead find the grain line of a watch and polish in that direction. Don’t polish areas with no scratch on it.

5. Get your Rolex serviced

Get your Rolex checked by a certified Rolex dealer once every 5 years. A professional will not only clean the areas of your watch that you can’t reach, like the inner gears, but they can also assess your watch’s condition to prevent long-term damages.

Money is not the only thing you will invest once you purchase a Rolex; you also have to make sure it’s in tip-top shape to keep its value constant (or perhaps even higher) by the time you decide to sell it because of an emergency. We hope that you find this post useful!

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