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A Five-Step Guide to Choosing Your First Designer Bag

A Five-Step Guide to Choosing Your First Designer Bag

Are you ready to reward yourself with a luxury handbag but don't know which one to get? With so many brands and styles available, choosing your first designer bag can feel overwhelming. But no need to worry! The high-end fashion authorities at The Relux are here to walk you through the decision-making process.

This beginner's guide to designer handbags can help you decide which investment bag is worth it based on your budget, preferences, lifestyle, and more. From forever classics like the Chanel 2.55 and 11.12 to modern icons like the Dior Book Tote and Hermès Constance, allow us to help you narrow down your choice, giving you the confidence to make a regret-proof purchase.

How to Pick Your First Designer Handbag

Whether you're a full-time employee, an entrepreneur, or a combination of both because you're empowered and independent, your hard work has rightfully paid off, and now you're ready to make a major investment. You deserve to reward yourself with a dream bag, and we're excited to help you decide which one to bring home.

1. Determine how much you're willing to spend

Luxury bags are called "luxury" for a reason: brands charge thousands of dollars per purse, and retail prices continue to rise each year.

In 2022, EDITED's retail data revealed a substantial leap in luxury prices. The global average for high-end goods jumped to a four-year high, indicating a 7% increase in prices compared to 2020 and a steep 25% difference from 2019. It doesn't stop there. In January 2023, Hermès raised their store prices up to 10%. Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and several others have also increased their prices.

To avoid breaking the bank, setting a realistic, practical budget should be your first goal. Think carefully about your financial situation, taking into account how much you earn, your monthly expenses, any money owed, and whether spending a significant amount of cash won't leave you in debt. Once you've calculated how much you can spend, you're ready for the next step.


2. Explore different brands and style options

Perhaps you already have a Maison in mind, as most designer enthusiasts have wish lists from specific labels. If you don't know which fashion house is worth your hard-earned money, it may help to know that Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès (in this exact order) are the most popular designer brands, reported CEOWORLD Magazine in December 2022. Each Maison uses high-quality materials and delivers excellent craftsmanship, ensuring you always get what you pay for. 

The most iconic handbags from these European luxury brands typically appreciate in value over time. In times of financial need, they give you the option to resell and potentially make a profit. In particular, these classic picks by Vogue are always top-selling:

    • Gucci investment bags: The Jackie 1961, The Bamboo 1947, The Marmont
    • Dior investment bags: The Lady Dior, The Saddle Bag, The Book Tote
    • Chanel investment bags: The Classic Flap (11.12), The Chanel Boy, The 2.55
    • Louis Vuitton investment bags: The Speedy, The Alma, The Neverfull
    • Hermès investment bags: The Birkin, The Kelly, The Constance

You can learn more about these iconic investment bags by visiting each brand's official website. A major perk: Handbags from these high-end fashion houses can last decades with proper care and storage, allowing you to pass them on as heirlooms. Plus, in case of accidental scratches or damage, you may be able to send your bag to a "spa," where renowned artisans provide repair, parts replacement, and deep cleaning services that may restore your bag to near-mint condition.

A word of advice: Even though the brands and purses above receive higher demand, remember that Givenchy, Fendi, Prada, Bottega Veneta, and more affordable brands like Coach and Marc Jacobs offer incredible options, too. Here are some of their best-selling bags:

    • Givenchy: The Antigona
    • Fendi: The Baguette
    • Prada: The Cleo
    • Bottega Veneta: The Jodie
    • Coach: The Tabby
    • Marc Jacobs: The Colorblock Snapshot

3. Consider your preferences and lifestyle

Would you prefer a classic handbag ideal for all occasions or a trendy statement piece sure to spark conversations? Are you more comfortable carrying a neutral-colored purse or something more fun and vivid? Do you want a timeless, one-color design or a bold print? Do you want a bag that can carry it all or just a few essentials? Would you prefer a structured or unstructured bag? Slouchy and shapeless, boxy, or unique like The Saddle? – These are some of the main questions you must ask yourself to narrow down your choice.

Most of the handbags we've mentioned come in various colors, designs, styles, and sizes, opening a world of possibilities. After your first purchase, you may even find yourself collecting a specific model in different variations. For instance, Canadian rapper and singer Drake collects Birkins for his future wife. We may not know who the future Mrs. Drake will be, but we're already green with envy.

4. Consider buying pre-owned designer bags

Before you run to the nearest luxury boutique or book a flight straight to Paris, consider buying from the luxury secondhand market. Shopping preloved over brand new is a responsible act towards promoting circularity within luxury fashion and sustainable consumption. Moreover, something to keep in mind is just because an item is in the pre-owned designer market does not mean it's no longer of excellent quality.

For example, TheRelux.com only sells high-end bags that meet our own standard of excellence, meaning everything we sell is authentic, high quality, and well-loved by their previous owners. Our staff also ensures to maintain each bag's condition to preserve resale values.

5. Make it yours for less

Secure the goods! If you're financially and emotionally ready to invest in your first-ever designer handbag, shop The Relux now for rare finds and amazing deals from the world's leading luxury brands. From Gucci and LV to Celine and Valentino, bring home your dream bag today.

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Choosing your first luxury bag is an exciting process, and we hope reading this beginner's guide makes your decision a little easier. By setting your budget, doing your research, factoring in your personal style and preferences, and considering once-loved designer handbags, you'll be well on your way to securing your first designer bag – a timeless investment you'll remember and enjoy for years to come.

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