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7 Benefits of Shopping Pre-Owned Fashion vs. Buying New

7 Benefits of Shopping Pre-Owned Fashion vs. Buying New

Buying pre-loved goods, especially clothes, handbags, and other fashion pieces, doesn't have to mean you can't afford new items. It could be because the items in second-hand shops are rare, limited in stock, vintage, or something with significant value that you may never have the chance to purchase (or come across) again if you miss out on it. There are also several good reasons to buy pre-owned designer items, jewelry, and collectibles, such as discovering good deals, making sustainable choices, and reducing the negative impact of mass manufacturing on the environment.

Compelling Reasons to Buy Second Hand

Here are some of the best reasons why you should buy pre-owned instead of new. 

  1. Find high-quality products for lower prices

Quality items at discounted rates are a driving force behind buying second-hand rather than new. More people are buying handbags, accessories, clothes, and even kids' items from the secondary market, with recent estimates revealing that 82% of Americans, or 272 million people, buy or sell pre-owned goods. The declining quality of new retail products is one of the reasons why more shoppers are investing in valuables from the secondary market, which usually offers higher-quality items for less.

Buying new clothes for the upcoming season is a popular trend among fashion-forward women in the United States. If you are too, check out your local thrift stores or shop on reputable online showrooms such as The Relux for designer items at discounted prices.

  1. Decrease the negative impact on the environment

Our climate has experienced drastic changes as a result of daily activities that have proven to be harmful and unsustainable. The fashion industry alone has impacted the environment profoundly by being the second-largest industry globally and the second-largest contributor of pollution to the environment. 

Here's a more specific example and explanation of what's wrong with the fashion industry: The manufacturing of fashion goods consumes a considerable amount of water and energy. When you buy and sell pre-loved clothes, bags, shoes, and other wardrobe essentials, you reduce both the demand for new items and the production of these items in large quantities. Plus, when you shop second-hand, you also support smaller businesses.

  1. Discover items from luxury brands

It's possible to come across lucky designer finds when shopping second-hand. In fact, some thrift shoppers earn money on the side by browsing for high-value items and reselling them for a profit.

Unlike thrift stores where you may have to spend hours going through racks and hangers, The Relux offers thousands of luxury products just waiting for collectors and designer consumers to discover pieces that they have been eyeing for years. Simply hover your cursor over our navigation bar and choose a brand, or type in what you're looking for using our search bar.

You can also find high-end designer items on eBay, Facebook, garage sales, or charity shops. However, be cautious of fake luxury goods online. Use guides such as How to Buy Pre-Owned Designer Bags Like a Pro or better yet, only shop from reputable online marketplaces to avoid encountering scammers.

  1. Extend the life cycle of an item

Whether you are environmentally conscious or see the advantages of paying less for something authentic and high quality, buying second-hand luxury goods maximizes an item's capacity and extends its life cycle, which is an incredible way to reduce waste pollution.

If you buy a pre-owned item for personal use, make sure to take good care of it. Keep the item in excellent condition so that you can later resell it. Designer bags, for instance, tend to increase in value over time. As such, if you decide to sell your luxury find in the future, you might even gain a profit. Whichever you choose to do, the bottom line is that reusing second-hand goods reduces the number of items ending up in landfills.

  1. Find items you can pass down to your children

Replace the quick-to-break, mass-produced, low-quality items from fast fashion brands with luxury second-hand items. Let us take handbags, for instance. Most purses from brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and the like are high-quality and durable enough to last decades. Not to mention, designer bags in excellent condition typically retain their value over time. The Birkin, Constance, Speedy, and Neverfull are only some examples of designer bags made with durable and quality materials, allowing them to last long enough for your children and their kids to see.

  1. Support a Good Cause

Many local thrift stores donate some (or all) of the money they earn to non-profit organizations. For example, when people donate unused clothes and other valuables to charities such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, the United States government provides tax incentives to these individuals.

To ensure your money is going to a good cause, take a couple of minutes to do some research on the thrift stores in your location. Ask the event organizers if they have any charity affiliations and if you, as a potential customer, can do more. This way, you will spend your money on things you desire while also helping those with needs.

  1. Have the option to bargain for a better price

When you shop at The Relux, you are getting good deals on luxury goods, but that's not even the best part about shopping with us. Unlike the fixed prices of items sold directly at Chanel, Gucci, Prada, and other brands, buying from us allows you to bargain and save more money on certain items. Simply click on the product of your choice, navigate your cursor toward the right side, and click "make an offer" to name your price. We can negotiate on different products and agree on an amount that works great for both of us.

Buy Pre-Owned Designer Bags, Jewelry, and More

Now you know the many benefits of shopping secondhand. Purchasing a quality item that will serve its purpose (and serve you) for a long period of time is more sustainable than spending your money on fast fashion brands and full-priced items. And, beyond quality and durability, buying second-hand means you are doing your part in reducing waste and deviating from the throwaway culture.

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