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9 Reasons Why Leather Rules the Luxury Scene

9 Reasons Why Leather Rules the Luxury Scene

Leather is one of the most luxurious materials for bags, wallets, belts, shoes, and so many other items. If you’re wondering whether leather is worth it, allow us to share with you the advantages of purchasing this sought-after textile.

Reasons to Invest in Leather Goods

Made from animal skins and hides, people have been transforming leather into a variety of items for over 7,000 years. Keep reading to know what makes this high-quality, durable fabric so popular throughout the world (and why you should buy leather over other materials).

  1. Leather saves you more money long term

Most leather products are considerably expensive upfront. However, investing in authentic, top-grain leather goods of any kind, in the long run, will save you more money than buying cheap, low-quality items. For example, if you buy a Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet, which retails for $575.00 as of 2022, you can use it for the next 10 to 20 years with proper care. On the other hand, the laminated surface on faux leather often cracks after a few years of use. Not to mention, some synthetic leather goods rival the prices of genuine leather.

  1. Leather exudes class and elegance

Leather products have a unique sense of sophistication. Whether in classic neutrals, navy blue, or hot pink, if you are wearing or carrying a top-grain leather piece, you will look and feel like the classiest person in any room.

  1. Leather is timeless

Leather never goes out of style. You can wear your mom’s leather handbag from the 1980s or your dad’s vintage motorcycle jacket today and no one will judge you (only envy you), as leather is a timeless material with a huge following due to its versatility, quality, and chic appearance.

Whether you’re 18, 25, 40, or 65 years old, leather suits all ages and fashion senses. Few pieces remain fashionably relevant for seasons on end, and leather has earned its rightful place in this exclusive group.

  1. Leather has a degree of water resistance

In the event of a sudden downpour, leather pieces offer a degree of protection against rainwater. Compared to cotton such as denim and canvas, high-quality leathers can endure contact with small amounts of water. However, as natural animal leather is porous, it will never be 100 percent waterproof.

  1. Leather and its byproducts are recyclable

People can repurpose leather trimmings from the manufacturing process. For example, leather and/or its byproducts can be converted into stuffing for boxing punching bags. Manufacturers can also combine leather trimmings with other materials to create composite products such as leatherboard, which shoemakers use for insoles and heel inserts.

As more people are aiming to be sustainable, several companies are recycling aged leather from footwear and leather goods into something new. Some are even incorporating the material into wall claddings, floor tiles, and more. 

  1. Leather is a naturally comfortable material

Being breathable is one of leather’s most unique properties. The material can help regulate body temperature by absorbing and holding moisture away from the skin until it can evaporate or expel. Leather also adapts to its wearer – whether it’s a shoe, jacket, glove, or even a wallet that has been in your backpocket for years – leather conforms to its wearer for a comfortable snug.

  1. Leather ages beautifully

While most of us love the freshness of new clothes, the same thinking doesn’t always apply to leather goods. The more worn leather is, the more history it has. For instance, a genuine leather jacket becomes more supple over time, molding to your body to achieve a personalized, perfect fit. 

  1. Leather is one of the most versatile fabrics in the world

Mastercraftsmen can engineer leather to be sturdy enough for furniture or soft and comfortable enough for footwear. Leather can also be transformed into protective, abrasion-resistant gloves for motorcyclists or the finest dress gloves fit for a ball. When it comes to bags, from Bridado backpacks made with calfskin to the structured Kelly Sellier, high-end designer brand Hermes is a fashion leader in showcasing leather’s versatility.

  1. Leather is easy to care for

Leather lasts much longer than other materials, especially when cared for. Here are some tips on how to keep leather in perfect condition for as long as possible.

  • Keep leather away from direct sunlight. Don’t leave your leather goods out in the sun for too long or near a window in your closet. Too much exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays can fade or dry out leather.

  • Leather needs to breathe. Leather needs space to breathe in order to maintain its texture and appearance. Therefore, never crowd your leather goods or pile them on top of each other.

  • Make sure your closet or storage space isn’t humid. Avoid storing your leather items in a room that’s too dry or humid, as prolonged exposure to high humidity can cause bacteria and mold to grow. The solutions: aside from reducing indoor humidity by installing an air conditioner, always store leather goods with silica gel packets, which help absorb moisture and prevent mold growth.

    • Get professional leather cleaning services. Having a professional clean and condition your leather goods a couple of times each year will prevent dirt and oils from building up and accumulating, as well as aid in preserving the leather’s protective coating.

    1. Leather’s signature smell is unlike any other

    Nothing beats the smell of genuine, top-grain leather. A bag or jacket made of synthetic leather usually has an odd smell because manmade materials often contain harsh chemicals. Genuine leather, on the hand, has a pleasant smell because leather tanneries designed it that way. Most artisans combine oils, waxes, and perfumes to give leather its unique, addicting scent.

    Why You Should Consider Leather Over Other Textiles

    In conclusion, leather is not only a durable material, but it also makes almost anything look more elegant and expensive. Plus, leather is timeless, versatile, comfortable, recyclable, and easy to maintain. From purses and card holders to jackets and boots, almost everything looks better in leather.

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