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How to Buy Pre-Owned Designer Bags Like a Pro

How to Buy Pre-Owned Designer Bags Like a Pro

Snagging an authentic designer handbag at a discounted price is every designerholic’s dream come true. Most high-end brands like Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton never lower their prices. For many designer fans, the only option is to buy second-hand. But here’s the good news: there are several reasons you should buy pre-loved handbags rather than straight from retail.

Top Reasons to Consider Pre-Owned Designer Bags

  • Great savings
  • Sustainability
  • Bigger and better selection
  • Always authentic at

Perhaps the best and most obvious reason is that you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars off of retail. Purchasing pre-loved is also a sustainable fashion choice, helping to reduce the environmental impacts of raw material usage. Lastly, the secondhand luxury market offers you more options than retail stores ever do. For example, here at, we give everyone access to various designers and bags from different years and collections–all in one place.

Your Guide to Buying Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Finding an authentic pre-owned designer handbag for sale can be difficult, to say the least. You might be asking yourself: where do I find a reliable reseller? How do I know if the bag is real or fake? 

Once you learn the answers to these questions, you will become a master at scoring great deals on high-end bags. 

Where can I shop for designer bags?

Search for a designer resale company that specializes in the appraisal, procurement, marketing, and sale of second-hand designer items. Not all online showrooms and sellers are the same, so here are the things you should keep an eye on:

  • See if the business has a good reputation

How long a reseller has been in business is an important piece of information to uncover. Look for a registered business with an established reputation–one that has been around for many years. It also pays to do some digging on what other customers are saying about their customer service.

If you have questions you wish to ask, call or send an email to test their response time. Doing so will reveal their competency and knowledge of the second-hand luxury market. If the reseller you are interested in does not have any contact information on their website, consider it a red flag.

  • Check if they are practicing professional merchandising

Most reputable resellers have detailed listings that describe the handbag. Furthermore, they provide a series of high-quality photos showing all angles, including any scratches or signs of wear on the bag. If not, the reseller should have no issues with sending you additional photos, if requested.

  • Read the return policy

A trustworthy reseller should allow you to return your order, for any reason, within a reasonable amount of time. A two-week return policy is often a generous and clear sign that a business is confident in its merchandise. However, ensure to keep your purchase in the original packaging and quality it came in. Remember, trust goes both ways in this industry.

  • Check if the reseller offers shipping insurance

Considering the amount of money you will spend (even if the item is discounted), your purchase should come with shipping insurance. offers comprehensive shipping insurance for all items, ensuring complete protection of your orders during the shipping process.

Going through each checkpoint mentioned will give you a good idea of what to expect before and after you complete your purchase.

How much money can I save from pre-owned luxury handbags?

You can save 20 to 70 percent from buying a secondhand bag. However, keep in mind that some pre-owned designer purses are more expensive than new ones. The price increase is especially true for certain bags from Hermès and Chanel.

Rare, in-demand bags can cost the same as retail or command higher prices

In general, the price of a pre-owned high-end bag depends on many factors. For one, pre-owned can be synonymous with pre-loved, used, and unused. An unused Birkin can command the same price in the pre-owned market as it would in retail (sometimes more) because of its consistently high demand and low supply. The same rule often applies to other hot commodity purses.

If the handbag shows signs of use, the price will depend on its condition, color, style, rarity, and demand. For example, the rare Hermès Himalayan Croc Birkin typically costs significantly more than other styles of Birkin, regardless if it is new or worn. In 2016, Christie’s sold a Himalayan Birkin bag for $300,168 when the bag originally retails between $45,000 and $65,000 at Hermès.

Neutral colors are more favorable among consumers

A Chanel Classic Flap Bag in black, white, or beige can cost more on the luxury resale market compared to neons and other colorful varieties. You can expect a neutral-colored Small Classic Chanel Flap Bag in excellent or good condition to command over $3,500 versus its retail price of $7,100 upwards.

Most designer bags with signs of wear sell for less

If you are willing to make small compromises on the condition of a bag, you can find amazing deals and own a gorgeous purse that will last you decades. Any designer bag is a status symbol that makes a statement regardless of whether you bought it directly from the brand or the secondhand market. Besides, once you use your brand new bag, it is no longer considered new. So, why not save some cash and buy pre-owned?

Why Pre-Owned Designer Bags Are Worth it

According to Forbes, luxury designer purses are better investments than art pieces. Depending on the brand, condition, style, and rarity, they often retain their monetary value, which has been proven not only by our statements above but also by world-leading luxury businesses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. You can even get more money for certain handbags over time, as many high-end purses appreciate in value.

Own Your Dream Designer Bag Today

When you do your luxury shopping at, you gain access to a wide selection of high-end designers. Bags from Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and more are available to you. Plus, we offer free standard shipping in the U.S., complete with insurance and convenient return policies. Create an account now to start shopping!

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