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An Online Shopper’s Guide to Buying Eternity Rings

An Online Shopper’s Guide to Buying Eternity Rings

An eternity ring, also known as an eternity band or infinity ring, is a precious metal enveloped in a loop of diamonds or a combination of different gemstones. Its endless circle of precious gems symbolizes enduring, eternal love.

As the diamonds and gemstones of an eternity ring surround your entire finger, it gives you more sparkle and shine. Its popular alternative is the half eternity ring, which contains gemstones set across the front (face) of the ring only.

Keep reading for more information on this trending piece of jewelry and learn how to choose an eternity ring that checks all the boxes (quality, style, price, and more).

Eternity Ring Qualities You Should Know About

There are three important factors to consider when evaluating the beauty of an eternity band:

  • Type of precious metal used to create the band
  • The diamonds on the ring
  • The setting

  1. Best Metals for Eternity Rings

While platinum and gold are the most popular precious metals for eternity rings, the best metal for your eternity band should be based on your tastes and preferences. From the grayish-white purity of platinum to the bold brilliance of rose and yellow golds, these top-tier metals and their stunning hues typically complement all skin tones, too.


  1. Best Gemstones for Eternity Rings

Diamonds are the most commonly set gemstones in an eternity ring. These precious stones are usually smaller than the center diamond in an engagement ring. GIA professionals do not grade and certify these diamonds in most cases, as doing so is uneconomical. For instance, grading and certifying 14 diamonds set in a standard eternity ring could cost around $1000. It would only increase the price of the ring, making it less affordable for many customers.

In light of this information, do not expect to get certifications for every diamond eternity ring you buy or receive. It also stresses the importance of purchasing an eternity band from a reputable seller such as, ensuring the quality and authenticity of your jewelry.

When reviewing a diamond, keep a close eye on its brilliance or how much the diamond sparkles and reflects white light. You will also want to check whether a diamond is eye-clean or contains inclusions (glaring, blemishes, or any imperfections).

Round diamonds are the most popular choice for eternity bands, but other diamond shapes are equally beautiful. For example, radiant cut, princess cut, baguette cut, emerald cut, and Asscher cut eternity bands offer a solid wall of brilliance around your finger, as the straight sides of each diamond allow jewelers to set them alongside each other. Oval and marquise cut diamonds are other varieties that make for lovely eternity rings. Either can be set east-west or north-south. You can also combine different shapes to create a pattern.

Diamond infinity rings come in an array of colors and varying carat weights to suit every woman or man’s taste and budget. If you would like assistance in reviewing and comparing our diamond eternity rings available for purchase, do not hesitate to send an inquiry. Our customer service professionals would be happy to help you.


  1. Best Setting for Eternity Rings

Channel, bezel, prong, and flush are the most common diamond eternity ring styles. If you want to pair an eternity ring with your wedding band and engagement ring, we recommend matching the style and metal to your existing pieces.

Many diamond eternity rings have a prong setting, which allows more light to reach each stone. Furthermore, it maximizes the number of angles from which light can enter the diamond’s table, resulting in greater brilliance.

This Platinum 3.20ctw Diamond Eternity Wedding Band from is an example of a prong style setting, while this Platinum 0.75ctw Diamond Eternity Ring uses a channel setting. You can browse our website for more unique styles, such as this one-of-a-kind Estate Vintage Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Halo Eternity Ring.

When to Give an Eternity Ring

Men traditionally give their partner an eternity ring to commemorate a milestone in a marriage or any romantic relationship. More modern traditions include giving an eternity ring on someone’s birthday, during Mother’s Day, on Christmas, or on other significant occasions. Diamond eternity bands with a larger center stone are also becoming a popular option for engagement rings.

Which Finger to Wear Your Eternity Ring

Most women wear their diamond eternity ring on the left hand’s ring finger, stacking it with their engagement ring and wedding band. But traditions aside, there is no right or wrong finger for an eternity ring. More importantly, you do not need to be someone’s wife to own one. You can wear your infinity ring on the finger that is most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to you.

As for our married readers, by choosing a precious metal that complements your engagement and wedding bands, a diamond infinity ring adds an extra special, extra glamorous look to you or your spouse’s ring finger.

If the center stone of your engagement ring is too large and you do not want your eternity ring to clash with it, there is no rule forbidding you to wear your eternity ring on your right hand.

Order and Placement of an Eternity Ring

Going back to traditions, it is customary to wear your wedding band first, then your engagement ring, and then finally your eternity ring. This order “frames” or “locks in” the engagement ring on your left hand’s ring finger.

As we have mentioned earlier, if you are not concerned about following traditions, then you can wear your wedding band, engagement ring, and eternity ring in any order that looks attractive and feels comfortable to you.

Where to Buy Eternity Rings Online

To purchase a gorgeous diamond eternity ring that will reflect the personality and uniqueness of your loved one, shop our selection of high-end rings and bands now. From half eternity rings set with emeralds and rubies to 18K eternity bands with two rows of diamonds, we are giving you complete access to a large variety of eternity rings made with the highest quality materials.

If the price of the ring you want exceeds your budget, name your price to get a bargain! On the page of the jewelry, you wish to buy, click “make an offer” to start negotiating with us. As long as your asking price is reasonable, we would be happy to accept your offer.

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