Victorian Amber Agate 10k and 14k Gold 24" Necklace

$ 912.81

Victorian Amber Agate Family Crest 10k and 14k Gold 24" Charm Necklace

This beautiful Victorian necklace is fashioned with the elegant style of the Victorian era. The squared chain is made with 14k gold and is 24" long. The 10k gold Pendent with its movable arm is adorned with beautiful Victorian metal work, and holds a reversible piece that can be turned with the Amber Agate stone out or one of the gold plaques out. These necklaces were worn by family's and individuals engraved with there family crest. Each side could be engraved including the stone the owner would use them as a stamping for various occasions. What a collectors piece this would be for your Victorian gold collection.

Necklace Length/Width: 24"
Dimensions: 0.69mm x 0.96mm (Face) 0.48mm x 0.75mm (Stone) 0.69mm x 0.83mm (Pendant)
Total Gram Weight: 13.09g
Condition: Great pre-owned condition; this piece has not been professionally cleaned so as not to compromise the natural patina.