Hermes Silk Scarf/Wrap "VIE DU FLEUVE" Orange

$ 460.00

Hermes Silk Scarf "VIE DU FLEUVE" Orange

This Hermes scarf is crafted of 100% silk, and features a design centered around Egypt, and the Nile river. The title, "Vie du Fleuve" translates to the "river of life" in English. This is clear in the rich imagery of this scarf, as it features regional people utilizing the river for food, cattle, and transportation. The perimeter of the scarf features birds, fish, snakes and other wildlife native to Egypt, and uses a bright orange theme with delicate greens blues and whites in the middle.

Brand: Hermes
Material: 100% silk
Color Theme: Orange, black, brown, light greens and blues
Measurements: 35" L x 35" W
Origin: France
Condition: Excellent pre-owned condition, like new.