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Top 7 Designer Hand Bags that are Worth the Investment

Chanel Caviar Envelope Clutch, Red

Thinking of investing in a handbag that you can resell later on for a higher price? Here are the top seven:

Bottega Veneta

In a lot of ways, the lattice bags of Bottega Veneta are impressive. These bags have inherent longevity, exquisite construction and top notch materials. Of course, the band’s refusing to go 
along with the other trendy bags of the moment is one of its most impressive features. This results in the fact that no matter what you wear this bag with, it will be sure to stand out from the rest. Tomas Maier, creative director of Bottega uses intrecciato woven leather, brand
signature and constructs bags that grown-up, real women flaunt discreetly.


More and more folks dream of owning a Chanel Bag and some even own more than just a few. With lots of sizes, colors and finishes, handbag lovers and fashionistas of all ages around the world should really own at least one Chanel Bag. One thing that inevitably happens with a bag by Chanel is that these go up in price after a few years. Generally, other types of bags don’t really have this type of investment value. Just like a great piece of land, owning a Chanel bag spells financial security in more ways than one.


Around the world, the Burberry label is unmistakable. No matter what corner of the globe you decide to travel to, Burberry is recognized and admires. Obviously, there are many reasons why owning a Burberry purse is worth its price. For one thing, every bag of this brand is made of gabardine. This is a breathable, tear proof, waterproof material that will keep your belonging safe and sound. This material is a step above leather which in contrast is not waterproof and loses its breathable quality after a few years.


Bag collectors and newbie fashionistas alike love a Coach bag.  Having begun in 1941, a Coach handbag is made of the softest leather which lasts year after year. Coach bags are known for getting better through the years and you can be sure that your Coach bag will outlast all the other bags in your collection.

Badgley Mischka

Purses by Badgley Mischka come in a variety of materials and in a variety of styles. Whether you need a bag or a purse for work, for an evening out or for a casual weekend getaway, the multi-use leather tote bags or floral evening purses create an elegant, classic look that is unmistakable Badgley Mischka.

Carlos Falchi

For purses, clutches and bags made of crocodile totes, snakeskin or python, there is nothing as coveted as Carlos Falchi. With increasing value through the years, owning a Carlos Falchi tote will set you apart from the rest. The main reason is that the material used by Falchi bags comes from real live animals. Why blend in when you can own your own Carlos Falchi bag made of the real thing?


The Celine bag collection began in 1945 and is a luxury fashion house in France. In particular, among all its other types of merchandise including shoes and clothing, the handbags by Celine were particularly adored and loved. Over the years, this brand of handbag has established itself as one of the world’s top brands.

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