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How Valuable are Diamonds Today?

  From the time they were discovered centuries ago up to this day, the charm of diamonds come from their rarity, the romance that comes with discovering them, how strong they are, and the intricat...
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Are Diamonds A Good Investment?

  Widely considered to be an investment that is virtually recession proof, diamonds are one of the few investments that never lose value. Over the years, diamonds of high quality never lose its va...
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Rarity of Diamonds by Color

  A diamond that is structurally perfect and chemically pure is one hundred percent transparent with no color or hue. On the other hand, there are almost no diamonds in reality that are truly ...
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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Family

The holiday is always something we look forward to and although the time spent with your family is the very soul of this season, we must admit gift giving is as important. Through the gifts we give...
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