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Rarity of Diamonds by Color

Rarity of Diamonds by Color



A diamond that is structurally perfect and chemically pure is one hundred percent transparent with no color or hue. On the other hand, there are almost no diamonds in reality that are truly perfect. Each diamond’s color can be affected by structural defects and chemical impurities in the lattice of the crystal. Depending on the intensity and hue of the diamond, its color and enhance or detract from how valuable it is. For example, when more yellow is detected from a white diamond, these are usually offered at a discount. On the other hand, blue diamonds or pink diamonds such as the Hope Diamond can have much more value. Red diamonds are the rarest of all the colored diamonds. There are a spectacular range of diamonds with natural colors in The Aurora Pyramid of Hope, and this includes diamonds that are red.

Diamonds by Color

There can be many colors that diamonds come in. These colors include black, brown, purple, pink, green, red, orange, yellow, blue, white and steel grey. There are interstitial impurities contained by colored diamonds or even defects in their structure, which cause the color. Pure diamonds are colorless and perfectly transparent.


The Yellow Tiffany Diamond

The Tiffany Diamond was found in South Africa and is the most famous of all the yellow diamonds. As a rule, however, the colored diamonds that are the most common are yellow ones. These are popular and dazzling since compared to other diamonds, these are more affordable. The cut affects the color and the hue of a yellow diamond, and is thus considered an important aspect. In addition, the cut makes it darker and richer, thus enhancing the color. Once the color is enhances, the grade and value of the diamond also increases. Shapes like ‘cushion,’ ‘radiant,’ ‘near square’ and ‘square’ yield magnificently coloration in this type of diamond.


The Steinmetz Pink Diamond

This diamond has been known to be the most internally flawless and the largest pink diamond weighing fifty-nine-point-sixty carats. Experts reportedly cut it over the course of a year and eight months. It thus comes as no surprise that stars and celebrities are more than willing to invest in these precious, exquisite and rare pink diamonds.


Blue Diamonds

Considered both valuable and rare, blue diamonds have hues similar to the blue sky, sea or even a pale winter day. Pure grading is hard to find, making these diamonds quite expensive as well.


The Red Diamond

There is a belief that only thirty-five flawless red diamonds weighing less than a carat exist in the world. The largest at five-point-eleven carats was found in Brazil by a farmer. These make red diamonds extremely rare due to their limited number. The most famous red diamond was The Hancock Red Diamond which sold for almost one million per carat in 1987. This colored diamond was .95 carats and was the most expensive rare diamond to be sold at the auction Christies. Reportedly, this same diamond costs about seven million if it was sold today.

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