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Peter Lik: The Man and His Works

Peter Lik: The Man and His Works




Alluring and engaging though distant and strange—these could probably best describe the works of Peter Lik. Facts reveal that photographer Peter Lik has sold nearly half a billion dollars in prints. Figures specifically prove that he has sold over 100,000 photos for $440 million. During the last year, it was at an average rate of $1.6 million per week.

Lik calls himself “the world’s most famous photographer, most sought-after photographer, and the “most awarded photographer”. Reports also claims that he owns a 100,000-square-foot factory in Vegas reserved for the production of his prints.

Mr. Lik has been capturing sprawling scenes of Mother Nature his entire life. He was born in 1959 in Melbourne, Australia to hardworking Czech immigrants. Sources say that Mr. Lik never took the gift of life’s beauty for granted. A catalogue of the photographer’s work can be traced back to the essential moment when he was yet 8 years old. It was with a gift of a Brownie Kodak camera from his parents that set him on a course for destiny. Since his first, fateful snap of a spider web in the family garden, Mr. Lik has followed his calling to capture and share the most beautiful places existing here on earth.

Peter Lik, is best known for his nature as well as panoramic landscape images. Peter Lik has spent over 30 years advancing the boundaries of fine art. He claims to be a self-taught pioneer in the field of landscape photography. With his numerous masterpieces, he has become synonymous with pristine images of cascading waterfalls, spectral mountain peaks as well as peaceful desert canyons.

Peter Lik is a very capable photographer who has produced some excellent work throughout his career. While no reflection on his ability or vision at the time of capture, he does enjoy an unprecedented level of location access and scouting support that is only exceeded by the likes of “National Geographic.”

What sets Peter Lik apart from other artists?

Talent aside, one thing Peter Lik is extraordinarily good at is marketing his own personal brand. From the refined format of his galleries (and the efficient sales strategies his art consultants make use to strengthen product marketing), to his overt messaging that call attention to all the prominent personalities who own his artworks – it is clear that he understands how to convert perceived value into increased product demand. In the end, this strategy creates a higher return of investment for his company.

Essentially, Lik is providing a printed photograph that is arguably of high quality. Whether or not it is worth the amount he is charging ultimately depends on how much buyers are willing to pay – and clearly they are willing to cough up more dough for photographs that bear his name. Trying to understand the psychology behind purchase behavior (as it relates to brand perception) is even more elusive – as consumers are motivated by different things (and come from different financial backgrounds). Some will inevitably purchase for investment reasons; some will purchase for the prestige (or illusion of prestige) that comes from owning a Lik print; and others may in fact be drawn to his art.

To Lik, like to any other artists, prestige cost a high price. Lik spent the early 1990s working for the tourism department of Queensland, Australia, while wandering through the Outback and snapping rarely visited locales. By 1994, he has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he started Lik USA, which includes a facility for printing as well as framing his photos. In the mid-1990s, he launched his own publishing company, and named it after himself–Lik Publishing. With Lik publishing, he was able to produce coffee table books, postcards as well as calendars of his works. By 1997, he has published his first book–Australia: Images of a Timeless Land. More than a decade later, even more people were acquainted to his masterpieces through the three publications he made: a 25-year retrospective coffee table book, 25th Anniversary Big Book, as well as a 580-page leather-bound book weighing 40 pounds and containing over 500 images.

The original Peter Lik “Painted Forest” limited edition photograph

The Original Peter Lik “Painted Forest” limited edition photograph signed by Peter Lik himself, matted and also framed is one of the number of rare and limited pieces that the Australian photographer has made available to his growing number of photography enthusiasts. With the purchase of this limited edition piece, is a certificate of authenticity, indicating its edition number which is 83/950.

Like all the photography pieces of Mr. Lik, the original Peter Lik “Painted Forest” limited edition photograph, carries with it marks that is essentially Peter Lik’s. If you would like to add colour and intensity within your space, you may consider this masterpiece a gift to yourself and to the space that you would want it to be a part of. Remember those days in the wild, or perhaps a basking day in the sun, as you discover nature captured and framed to include a dash of colours seemingly at play within the trunks of a number of trees as captured by Lik’s lenses in the “Painted Forest”.

Fame and Fortune Synonymous to Peter Lik’s Photos

His photography has earned him a number of prestigious awards. One of his works, “Ghost” (that was taken in Antelope Canyon, Arizona) was chosen as part of a May 2011 exhibition of nature photography at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. In December 2014, Lik reportedly sold a photograph titled “Phantom” to an anonymous bidder for $6.5 million, making it potentially the highest price paid for a photograph.

Mr. Lik normally shoots panoramas with a Linhof 617 Technorama camera, using Fuji film. He also shoots digital, primarily using Phase One and Nikon cameras. Sources also reveal that he prints most of his photos on FujiFlex silver-halide paper, which increases the light sensitivity and glow, and helps accentuate the vibrant colors in the print.

If you are looking for something that will remind you of places that may have invoke the same feeling as those that are part of Lik’s photography, you may want to consider checking all the products that are on sale at his company online sale site.

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