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List of Minimalist Watches

List of Minimalist Watches

These, in essence epitomize what a minimalist style is. Within this description, our subject for the moment, which is the minimalist watch, embodies these attributes. It provides one with the fundamentals, a timepiece that is stripped off of unnecessary trimmings, while extends the vital elements that make it comfortable yet stylish.

As the saying goes, fashion fades, style is eternal. Minimalist watches displays point-in-time features that highlights one’s individuality. This one goes beyond the stereotypical where “more is better.” It lends both grace and grandeur to its wearer. Elegance, comfort, quality—these three are essential features that makes the minimalist watch standout from the rest. It gives you the feeling that while you’re wearing it, you become more yourself as it not only enhances the way you look, but highlights your distinctive personality.

It pronounces clarity, purpose, as well as intentionality. At its core, minimalist watches promotes what we value most and take our eyes off of everything that diverts us from it. As a result, we see both in complement, as the other enhances the wearer—creating unity between the wearer and the donned. It brings freedom to disengage from the trivial as well as the trite. This gives life, and when there is life man gets to live the way he wants it. That’s luxury from simplicity.

With the countless number of available brands and makes, what could be considered luxury brands? Again, a timepiece gives you not just the time. It lends more than just functionality, but comfort and style as well. It’s chic– it’s grand, yet austere…unpretentious.

What’s more? As it is versatile, it can be worn with any attire and still be distinct yet promote a person’s uniqueness. It’s amazing but not too exaggerated. It’s less fashionable but eternally grand.

For the top minimalist watches, we find some hints from previous reports highlighting those that were found to surpass existing brands based on customer rating. As there are hundreds of watch manufacturers all around the globe, and each produce a number of different brands on each of their season, we can only cover those that are found to be the most appealing, perhaps the top seller throughout. There will be differences in our listing, as what was mentioned earlier, choice depends on individual preference.

For a list of available watches, search over Wikipedia’s constantly growing pages as posts found in the wiki may be modified by new users, making it more up to date or relevant.

This report, covers 59 of minimalist brands available in the market. There are usually a couple of approaches that can be considered in identifying a list like this, to wit, “the materialist approach,” and “the watch connoisseur’s and the watch enthusiast’s point of view.”

Moreover, considering the criteria on which the list was generated, although not specified, the following considerations would have been used as indices to identify what would be included in the list, including:

  • Indicator of a long and respected history
  • Reports claiming limited supply in contrast to a large demand for the product
  • The brand’s reputation/status/prestige
  • Proof on the status of the watchmaker – whether it’s fully independent or otherwise
  • Indicates that the product promotes pioneering spirit and innovations
  • Considers the impact on watchmaking history and modern culture
  • In-house made movements
  • Movement complications
  • Build quality
  • Price range
  • Resale value
  • Market presence

Now, we come to the list. The current list identifies 59 of the world’s minimalist watches available on the market.

59. The Abacus by German watchmaker Erich Lacher, which has no ticks, numbers, hands or LEDs.

58. Minimalist analog watches by Roderick from Malta retains the functionality of an analog watch but does not display features such as the face and numbers.

57. The SF View concept watch by designer Nico NL1 is a unique timepiece dreated to change the way one sees time as it is designed with a creative face with an empty space in the middle.

56. The Uniform Ware Watches that are still stunning even with its simplicity.

55. The Uniform Wares 200 Series Watch that flaunts a clean and moderate look.

54. The Odd Ball Minimalist Watch designed with no other feature than a free-rolling tiny ball.

53. The faceless Eye of the Storm Watch by Yiran Qian.

52. The Elusive Watch Concept designed by David Blanc, an intern at Dassault Sytemes.

51. The Retro Digital that displays nothing but the time.

50. The Abyss Watch is a blue and white Japanese-inspired touchscreen LED timepiece.

49. ZIIIRO Watches that perfectly suits intergalactic travel.

48. The Reverse Watch Collection from Michael Young

47. The Kisai Seven Watch that uses TRON-Inspired LEDs to tell the time

46. Nixon’s Newton Digital Watch that has a flat face that tells the time in digital numbers which match the watch’s strap color

45. O Clock watches that are designed to be durable as well as waterproof, coming in 15 different colors all packaged in a pop-top tin.

44. Samuel Jerichow’s Dot Watch that tells time with discreet dots.

43. These Revolutionary i-Toc Watches that features a beautiful Apple-like finish with a thick crosshatched band.

42. ‘Sometimes’ by Italian designer Denis Guidone

41. The Mutewatch tells time with the touch of a finger.

40. The OZO Watch that seamlessly blends old as well as new time trackers.

39. The Saat55 Watch designed by Fatih Baltas that mixes minimalist design with natural inspirations.

38. The 2K64 Watch by Samuel Jerichow is designed to stylishly tell time in the future.

37. The Clomm Terra Firma Watches maintain the Look of natural beauty.

36. Mario Troise’s Nooka Concept Watch that tells time with colored squares.

35. The Wolo Wristwatch by designer Anurag Sarda that activates by inserting a finger into the middle of the accessory which illuminates the timepiece.

34. The Vestal ‘Rosewood’ Edition that resembles a wooden cuff.

33. Pac-in-time by Benedetto Papi which is designed for the ’80s gamers.

32. Dior ‘Christal Mysterieuse’ developed by Quinting Manufacture.

31. The Nixon Diamond Watch designed by Emir Rifat Isik, and features a dark diamond as the face.

30. The South-Lane Urbaner Collection displays a palette of vivid color hues and subtle stripe accents.

29. The Minimo Watch that flaunts a magnetic clasp as well as a customizable face.

28. The TwentyFour ‘Wrists’ applies the same visual language for telling the time over the course of an entire day.

27. The Minimal Silicone E-Ink Wristwatch by designer Anthony Puleo’

26. The Gothic Eye Watch designed by Malaysian designer Firdaus is inspired by the Song ‘Cradle of Forest’.

25. The Rotational Watch Facey Alex Garzon and inspired by a Lunar Eclipse

24. Giorgio Guidi’s Gummy Watch designed for the younger generation.

23. The FLuD Exchange Series

22. The Unique Watch Face that displays numbers that are not in their proper places.

21. The Kyle Dell’Aquila Radian

20. The Karim Rashid ‘Kaj’ Watch that is available in seven colors.

19. Denis Guidine Watch that creates the illusion that every passing moment is temporarily remembered.

18. The Neko Watch that is designed to look like a curled up cat.

17. The Adidas Original Icon Watches that stand out with its neon and sharply contrasting color scheme.

16. The Nadir Watch by Damian Barton is an inverted version of the traditional timepiece.

15. The Kisai on Air Watch tells time with one hand.

14. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS Gold Olympic Edition

13. The Navigo that is designed as a tactile bracelet that vibrates and acts as a navigator.

12. The Nonlinear Slip Watch designed by Evan Clabots to be without numbers and ticks.

11. The Anthony Puelo Nooka Concept Watch

10. The Sunstich Watch by Michael Young that features a button-free design.

9. The Gravitistic Watch designed by Jaemin Jaeminlee encourages its users to focus more on the hour and less on the minutes, thus the inability to tell the exact time.

8. The Crux Watch is Inspired by Christianity and designed by Marko Vuckovic.

7. The Paper Watch by SUCK UK offers a blank canvas for customization, thus, can drawn on with ball-point pens, markers, paint, even with stencils.

6. Wize & Ope’s Wo Watch is an switchable, digital timepiece that allows customization based on the user’s preference.

5. The Mr. Jones ‘All Around The World’ watch conforms with the traditional minimalist look that the brand is known for but adds in a silhouette of eight famous landmarks around the world, including Big Ben from London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These landmarks are used in place of the hour hands.

4. The Vera Watch tells time with a magenta and cyan dots and dashes.

3. Braun’s BN0042 Square Watches designed with a square face, which is 36mm by 36mm in size and is attached to a leather strap.

2. The ‘Pixel Clock’ that replaces clock Hands with pixels

1. The Dior Chiffre Rouge T01 Watch designed for the French fashion house by Orny and Girarden.


There you have it, the 59 minimalist watches available in the market. Already found your choice?

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