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How to Upgrade a Vintage Luxury Watch

How to Upgrade a Vintage Luxury Watch

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Are you considering an investment in a vintage luxury watch? Needless to say, most watch experts could tell you that these watches are considered quality investments as each watch does appreciate in value in time. This is particularly true if the vintage watch is in good condition, as there seems to be consideration made for the care it took to maintain the watch this long. Vintage luxury watches in great condition gives you a greater value as a collectible, which you can re-sell or enjoy wearing as a personal timepiece for years to come. As a matter of fact, many collectors think of no other time collector’s item being able to withstand the test of time like a vintage watch.

A vintage watch can be purchased in top condition or in less than perfect condition. No matter what state you find your vintage watch to be, there is a way to improve the look and the performance of each and every timepiece you are able to procure. Upgrading your vintage luxury watch may be as easy as simply cleaning the watch or changing the battery. Be sure to have these professionally done rather than doing it yourself.

Titanium for Durability

Over the years, not much improvement has been made in watches when it comes to metal content and accuracy. For the most part, titanium watches are the most durable. You also need to consider beautiful craftsmanship and the intricate features of these mechanical devices. Vintage watches tend to be interesting and diverse, not to mention few in number as most are no longer made.

Check the Mechanism

The mechanism of your vintage watch is the heart and soul of the piece, in essence. Check to see if your watch still runs including the hour hand, minute hand, second hand and date. If you purchased a watch that has stopped try and see if a new battery change is all it needs. It is best to go to the brand’s own watch technician to have your watch checked. This way, you will be able to avoid getting a differently-trained technician handling your branded watch.

Exterior Finish

Tempting as it may be, it is not exactly a good idea to try and apply chemicals yourself to your watch. You might want to see if the same jewelry polish you have can polish your watch’s metal parts. Rather, call the watch manufacturer to bring in the watch for polishing or inquire as to the products you plan to use will work.

Authentic Vintage

Find out if vintage watches you are interested have serial numbers, as authentic ones always do. If a seller tells you a watch is vintage but it looks brand new, this is probably a fake. Most vintage watches do need to be upgraded or at the very least, cleaned. For a very rare authentic timepiece it is always a good idea to consult the experts and go to the technician personally for the vintage watch to be professionally cleaned and upgraded.

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