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11 Convincing Reasons to Buy Jewelry for Yourself

11 Convincing Reasons to Buy Jewelry for Yourself

Since ancient times, jewelry has been deeply valued across cultures. From Egyptian pharaohs to European nobility and Asian sovereigns, jewelry did more than adorn the bodies of the rich—they were also symbols of status, beauty, and commitment. Many of us buy and wear jewelry for the same reasons, but what other grounds are there to keep buying them?

Why You Deserve New Jewelry

In our previous blog, The ReLux gave you all the reasons to treat yourself to a new designer bag. This time around, join us once again as we explore the reasons to treat yourself to new jewelry. 

1. To Invest

The value of precious gems and metals tends to rise over time, especially for high-quality pieces from brands like Cartier and Tiffany. Diamonds and gold, in particular, are always in demand regardless of fluctuating economies. As such, investing in fine jewelry could lead to significant returns in the future. Jewelry also holds value globally, meaning you can sell or trade it in almost any country without complications.

2. To Have Forever

Unlike gadgets and technologies that turn obsolete, fine jewelry can last forever, often becoming treasured heirlooms passed through generations. Whether you buy yourself a pair of diamond studs, an 18K chain necklace, or a Cartier Love bangle, these pieces can remain as beautiful and precious as the day you bought them—as long as you take care of them.

3. To Express Yourself or Your Heritage

The jewelry you own is a reflection of your preferences and individuality.

Whether you accessorize with chunky statement pieces or delicate, understated designs, jewelry offers you a canvas for self-expression. From vibrant gems to intricate metalwork, each choice mirrors your personality and aesthetic sensibilities.

Jewelry also embodies cultural heritage, familial traditions, and personal beliefs. From heirloom jewelry to pieces that pay tribute to one's roots, jewelry can represent a person's identity and sense of belonging. For example, did you know Native American tribes wore tusk shell jewelry to symbolize wealth and power? Similarly, in the Middle Ages, wealthy Europeans wore pinky rings to show off their status. Millions of people continue these traditions to express themselves, their heritage, or beliefs today.

4. To Feel Powerful and Confident

Wearing jewelry provides a sense of power and confidence by symbolizing status and authority. Like how kings, queens, princes, and princesses adorned themselves with crowns and elaborate jewels to assert their sovereignty and magnificence, wearing jewelry can conjure similar feelings in you. For instance, a CEO donning a prestigious watch or a politician wearing a distinctive lapel pin may feel more confident to stand in front of people, as these accessories signify their power and high position, reinforcing their presence and influence. Of course, you don't need to be an influential person—anyone can wear jewelry and hold their head high. If you bought it with your hard-earned money, you deserve to show it off with confidence.

5. To Symbolize Something Personal

Every piece of jewelry carries its own unique story. It can mark a milestone in life or represent self-love and appreciation. For example, a necklace worn daily could remind you of your journey toward growth and self-respect. Likewise, a ring bought on a solo trip might symbolize independence and adventure.

Other significant milestones to celebrate with new jewelry:

  • Graduating college
  • The birth of a child
  • You (or your kids) moving out of the house
  • Getting the keys to your first home
  • Switching careers
  • Landing a big promotion
  • Getting a raise or receiving your first paycheck

Whether simple or extravagant, jewelry can tell your story and commemorate your experiences.

6. To Gain Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Jewelry is a source of wellness and healing for many individuals.

There's a longstanding tradition of attributing healing properties to certain gemstones. From the supposed calming effects of amethyst to the grounding energy of hematite, many people worldwide wear jewelry with these stones, believing they can promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

7. To Elevate and Personalize Your Outfits

Jewelry can quickly transform a basic outfit into something more interesting, more unique, and more you. For instance, you can turn a boring white tee and jeans into a chic and expensive look by accessorizing with a diamond tennis bracelet and studs set in 18K white gold. If you style the same outfit with black spinel or onyx jewelry, you instantly transform your look from ordinary to edgy.

Jewelry also allows you to experiment with different trends and aesthetics. You can combine pieces to switch up your style, from classic and sophisticated to trendsetting and contemporary, depending on your mood and the occasion.

To add, jewelry can help you create focal points in your outfit. A statement necklace or a pair of hoops can draw attention to your best features, as well as add glamor to an otherwise plain and simple ensemble.

8. To Add Color, Texture, or Sparkle to Your Wardrobe

Jewelry can complement your clothing choices by adding color, texture, or sparkle. For example, a delicate gold bracelet can complement a warm-toned outfit, while a chunky silver ring can add a modern edge to a monochromatic look.

9. To Save Money

If you're wondering how treating yourself to new jewelry saves you money, buying second-hand or pre-owned is the answer.

Buying pre-loved fine jewelry is a cost-effective opportunity to acquire high-quality pieces, often at a fraction of their original retail price. It lets you enjoy luxury without the hefty price tags, and  you can discover unique pieces that may not be available in conventional retail stores.

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10. To Support Sustainable Consumption

When you buy pre-owned fine jewelry, you are contributing to sustainable consumption by extending the lifespan of existing pieces. Your choice helps reduce the demand for newly mined materials, minimizing environmental impact.

11. Just Because

You don't need a big reason to treat yourself to new jewelry. Sometimes, just because you can or you want to is enough. So, if you want to buy something sparkly for yourself, explore the pieces we have on hand. From jewelry you should wear based on your zodiac sign to everyday jewelry pieces that will always stay in style, we have everything you need, want, and more. Shop now.

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