Zuni Fetish Hand Carved Corn Maiden by Troy Sice

$ 999.99

Zuni Fetish Hand Carved Corn Maiden by Troy Sice

We are offering this Zuni fetish by master carver Troy Sice. it is a Corn Maiden hand carved in antler and inlaid with onyx, red and pink coral, turquoise, lapis, spiny oyster and mother of pearl. It measures 1" Wide x 3¼" Tall

An impressive and rare collectible.

Fetish carver Troy Sice reaches back to a prehistoric Zuni Pueblo tradition in the use of antler and different stone mediums for creating animal and human forms. He is a third-generation carver, the grandson of George H. CheeChee, nephew of Ramie and Miguel Haloo and half-brother of Colvin Peina.

His grandfather is known for his bird fetish necklaces and bird-in-flight pendants since the 1930's. His uncles, Ramie and Miguel Haloo, influenced by their father, started a new trend in the 70's with their whimsical standing bears carved of deer antler. Soon their nephew, Colvin Peina, also followed their footsteps. Colvin introduced his own style of corn maidens and encouraged his younger half-brother, Troy Sice to do the same.

Troy's works include sitting and standing bears, frogs, badgers, and corn maidens. Recently he has added unique singing and dancing bears, in addition to his own take on the famous nativity story. His version includes six inlaid carved figures: Mary, Joseph, the three wise men, and baby Jesus. Sometimes the sets can also include angels, camels, donkeys, cows, sheep, and coyotes. Troy also carves the traditional water serpent Kolowisi, as well as Knifewing, eagle dancer, buffalo dancer, and the Hopi warrior woman.

Material: antler, onyx, red and pink coral, turquoise, lapis, spiny oyster, and mother of pearl
Measurement: 1" Wide x 3¼" Tall
Overall Condition: It is in very nice condition.