Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise & Coral Feather Concho Belt

$ 575.00

Vintage Navajo Sterling Silver Turquoise & Coral Feather Concho Belt We are offering this Vintage Traditional Sterling Silver Turquoise & Coral Feather Belt. The belt features 13 hand tooled silver conchos including the buckle. The conchos are approximately 2½" x 1¼". The buckle is also hand tooled sterling silver with 2 beautiful cabochons. One is a Royston Turquoise cabochon and one is a red coral cabochon. The conchos are featured on a 36½" long & 3/4" wide black leather strap. This belt showcases the artist's silversmithing skills, and great stamp work. The Navajos began working with silver in the 19th century, and began making things like buckles, bridles, buttons, rings, canteens, hollow beads, earrings, crescent-shaped pendants (called najas), bracelets, crosses, powder chargers, tobacco canteens, and conchos (for belts). Their silversmithing skills has evolved and changed throughout the years, as artists worked with jewelry techniques like repousee and stamp work. Style: Concho Belt Material: Sterling Silver, Leather Length: 36½" Width: 3/4" Total Gram Weight: 191.8 grams Condition: Pre owned in good condition with normal wear and light surface scratches to the leather.