Vintage late 1960's Hopi Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle - Signed

$ 350.00

Vintage late 1960's Hopi Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle - Signed SM Julius

This Beautiful Vintage Hopi Sterling Silver & Dry Creek Turquoise Belt buckle is the "mother" of all Native American / Southwestern accessories! This is the biggest, most beautiful chunk you've ever seen. It measures 1.5" x 1.5", & it was mined in the late '60's or early '70's from Lander County, Nev. It sits on 1 tier of heavy gauge hand worked Sterling. First, it's fitted into a custom saw bezel that hugs the stone securely. Next, the display is mounted on a heavy single layer of metal that also has sterling nuggets flowing into a harmonious design. It measures 3-1/4" W x 2-1/4" H.


Dry Creek Turquoise mine is a mine which is located in Lander County, Nevada. Dry Creek Turquoise has gained much popularity in recent years with its milky white and light blue coloring and brown matrix. This color of turquoise was not previously used in jewelry. Different from the White Buffalo from Tonopah, Nevada, Dry Creek is indeed considered a very rare mine, because the mine is currently closed. Dry Creek with brown matrix is the highest grade of this turquoise. This buckle was signed by he artist, SM. Julius

Style: Belt Buckle
Stamped: SM, Sterling, Julius
Buckle Measurements: 3-1/4" W x 2-1/4" H
Total Gram Weight: 86.4g
Condition: Very Good pre-owned condition. The Sterling Silver was not professionally cleaned. We did not want to compromise the natural vintage patina.