VERY RARE Vintage Edna Leki Large Fetish Pot - 1st Female Fetish Carver!

$ 1799.00

VERY RARE Vintage Edna Leki Large Fetish Pot - 1st Female Fetish Carver!

This is a beautiful and VERY RARE Vintage Edna Leki Large Fetish Pot - 1st Female Fetish Carver!

This gorgeous turquoise fetish bowl was was hand crafted by Native American legend Edna Leki, daughter of famed carver & lapidarist Teddy Weahkee, and mother of Lena Boone, Dinah Gasper, and Anderson Weahkee. She is credited as the first female fetish carver. Sadly she passed away over a decade ago in 2003 and her work, some of which is on display at the Kennedy Museum of Art, is becoming almost impossible to find. The dimensions are 5½" tall by 8" wide and there are 10 fetishes total not including the bowl itself. There is one fetish tied to the outside of the bowl with leather or sinew and nine (9) more are included. A small hole on the side is an entrance, exit, and "feeding" place for spirits. This fetish bowl is in near-mint condition. It is embossed heavily with genuine crushed turquoise. A small amount of the turquoise has come off. I believe it increases its value as it is proof of its age. There is no cracks, breaks, chips, or repairs.

Applying turquoise and directional fetishes to the black hand-coiled bowl, is typically the custom of Acoma potters. In the Zuni culture, fetish carvings represent the animal spirit residing in the stone. Originally these fetishes were probably stones that arrowheads were placed on with a ceremonial prayer that they would be successful in their hunt, and thankfulness that the animal gave its life. Zuni pottery is made in the Native American style using clay coils, with a slip then applied to smooth the pot. Designs are added using yucca brushes and paints made from materials in the surrounding area. They are then fired in a kiln, a Zuni stone oven, or an open fire pit. Edna Leki's bowls have a very authentic feel, following her fathers instruction. She is one of, if not the most well known of the fetish carvers. This price is extremely reasonable as it is not uncommon for Edna Leki's fetishes this size to sell for $1800 - $2500. They are rare and her large fetishes are almost impossible to find, except in museums. The pictures don't do it justice, it's gorgeous!

Designer: Edna Leki
Shape: Round, bowl shaped
Design: Art deco
Production Years: 1980's
Dimensions: Approx. 5½" tall by 8" wide
Includes:: Fetish Pot & 11 hand carved Fetishes
Condition: Pre-Owned, near-MINT condition. There are no visible cracks