Tommy Singer Sterling Silver & 12K YG Turquoise & Multi Stone Bead Necklace

$ 1175.00

Tommy Singer Sterling Silver & 12K YG Turquoise & Multi Stone Bead Necklace

If you have been wanting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind handmade Tommy Singer multi-colored piece that will make a statement and match almost any outfit, then this is the perfect piece to add to your collection! This necklace is a true TREASURE!

handcrafted by renowned jeweler Tommy Singer, it was crafted with many delicate, magnificent stones. The handcut beads include Turquoise, Coral, Spiny Oyster, Amethyst, & Jasper. Adding to the beauty of the stone beads are Sterling mini-barrels and 12K Yellow Gold Sterling barrel beads as well.

This is that Navajo accessory that will enhance your wardrobe with natural drama! This necklace is a very vivid, colorful, piece, with rare stones, that will most certainly be admired by everyone!

This is a gorgeous piece made of all natural stones and includes a sterling silver, cones and hook & figure 8 closure

Tommy Singer (1940 - May 31, 2014) was a World Famous Navajo Silversmith and his distinct style of Indian Jewelry is recognized the world over. Tommy was a silversmith for over 50 years. He learned the art of silversmithing from his father when he was just 7 years old. His Father Tsinnigine Hathali was a Navajo Medicine man. His early works were done in the Silver overlay technique but soon began to feature Turquoise stones. While working with scrap turquoise chips, Tommy pioneered the technique of Chip inlay used by thousands of artists to this day. Tommy eventually returned to his roots by creating Exquisite Silver Overlaid Jewelry with intricate designs.

Metal: Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold
Metal Purity: 925, 12K
Stone: Turquoise, Coral, Spiny Oyster, Amethyst, & Jasper
Length: 29-1/2"
Weight: 143.2 grams
Condition: VERY GOOD pre-owned condition. VERY minimal surface scratches.