Sterling Silver, Round Rose Quartz, and Oval Amethyst Pendant

$ 319.99 $ 399.99

A beautiful and solid pendant of a round, hexagonally-faceted rose quartz stone with two oval-cut amethysts - one on top in the front and one on the bottom in the center. The amethyst on top is larger than the one on the bottom. The stones are connected by layers of sterling silver that rest in ovals at the top and bottom of the rose quartz stone. The amethysts are fully set in the silver, while the rose quartz is only connected at the top and bottom.

Material: Sterling Silver
Length: 3.25 in
Width: 2 in
Closure: Loop
Length of Closure: 0.375 in
Weight: 122.0 grams
Condition: Moderate Wear, amethyst on bottom is chipped, some scratches on surface of other stones