Native American Sterling Turquoise & Coral Necklace

$ 75.00

Native American Sterling Turquoise & Coral Necklace

Up for sale; single strand necklace displaying a total of thirty (30) Kingman Turquoise, and thirty nine (39) Coral beads. The necklace consists of: 2-3mm Coral beads, and 6-10mm Turquoise nuggets.

The turquoise gem is said to be the most powerful in bringing good fortune to those who choose to wear. Seen throughout the world, turquoise is strongly believed to be a bringer of health, luck, and overall positivity.

The soothing coral comes from many years of forming in the deep ocean. The gem's persistence in rising from the sea gives it the power to aid the wearer in travel, health, and protection.

Material: Sterling Silver
Gemstone: Turquoise / Coral
Length: 15.5”
Closure: Hook and eye
Total Weight: 17.2g
Condition: Great pre-owned condition; sterling silver cones and hook and eye closure have a nice patina.