Costume Gold Tone White and Amber Crystal Earrings, 3 Pairs, Teacup and Saucer

$ 19.99

A set of three pairs of gold-toned, costume-style earrings. The first pair has a bubble of "gold" and a ring; the second pair has a frilled edge and white stones in a line along the middle; and the third pair are shaped like little tea cup with its saucer.

Length of Earring Set 1: 0.75in
Width of Earring Set 1: 0.25in
Closure on Earring Set 1: Clip On
Length of Earring Set 2: 0.875in
Width of Earring Set 2: 0.625in
Closure on Earring Set 2: Loop and Hook
Length of Earring Set 3: 1.375in
Width of Earring Set 3: 0.75in
Closure on Earring Set 3: Hook
Condition: Used, Moderate to Heavy Wear, Clip on earrings are broken.