2 Vintage Rolex BUCHERER Lucerne Collectors Edition Silver Spoons

$ 199.99

We are offering these 2 Rolex BUCHERER of SWITZERLAND - collectible Silver Spoons - Vintage Heirloom - English Lion - Lucerne Hallmarks - Collectors edition.

These beautiful demitasse spoons are 4-1/4" and are silver plated. The spoons are the famous Rolex advertising spoons produced by Bucherer. Bucherer was the equally famous chain of jewelry stores headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. Carl-Frederich Bucherer opened the first store in 1888 and the family-run company is still in business today, headed by third-generation Jörg G. Bucherer as Chairman of the Board. The Rolex spoons often have the names of cities where a Bucherer store exists, were given away as free souvenirs at Switzerland hotels where they were placed on the pillow like a mint. Bucherer has been handing out the Rolex spoons since the 1950s. When a customer purchases a Rolex at Bucherer in Switzerland, they give him one of the Rolex Spoons. The spoons says "Lucerne" on its stem, as well as "Rolex" "Bucherer" . The bowl of the spoon features an engraved sleeping lion. On the back of the stems are stamped with "B 100 12".



Brand: Rolex, Bucherer Of Switzerland 

Model: Lucerne

Material: silver filled metal

Manufacturer Code: B 100 12

Size: 4.5" long

Condition: In very good pre-owned condition.