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What Does Your Watch Say About You?

Breitling A1738811.BD44SS Colt 44mm Automatic - Men's Watch

Before, a wristwatch was just a way for soldiers to free their hands to do tasks while keeping track of time… because in the battlefield, you can’t possibly reach for your pocket watch and fire a gun at the same time.

Nowadays, this convenient apparatus has become everyone’s favorite timeless accessory and has been a medium to show self-expression. However, are you sure that the watch you’re wearing fully expresses your individuality?

Here we’ve listed down what impression these luxury brands of a watch can give to your character and mood.


Rolex wearers are people with a purpose. They don’t shop for the sake of shopping; they INVEST. They are not one to conform with trends, as they prefer to wear staple pieces. One characteristic of a Rolex wearer that will be hard to ignore is that they are a go-getter: the principle is to look successful, you have to be successful.

Patek Philippe

One look at a Patek Philippe, you’ll know that the wearer is the real deal. You don’t have to guess if he has a Mercedes parked in his garage, but it will make you think about how many luxury cars he own. Patek Philippe wearers give fine attention to detail, that could be the reason how they have managed to bring success to every business they have delved into. But the status quo is not something to be intimidated about because Patek Philippine wearers are great conversationalist and can be the life of a high-society party.


Panerai wearers are successful people hiding behind a casual polo shirt and jeans. Their professional career may be uptight and down-right corporate, but their weekend activities will surely make up for it. Their life motto? Work hard, play harder!


People wearing Breitling shows off a dominant personality and is not shy to share their views on topics they feel passionate about. “Time is of the essence”, this is something that they strongly believe in, and it shows on their food and leisure preferences. Their career paths will be something related to physical activities or they could be working in an industry that promotes social engagement.

TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer wearers are price-conscious people but in a good way. Because of their extreme activities, they prefer not to carry around expensive watches. As for the ladies wearing a Tag Heuer, they prefer to keep their watch simple to compliment their outfit for the day. For both genders, “Less is More” encapsulates their style choice.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list, but remember these are just observations that we have made. Your purpose of wearing a watch may not be similar to some, and that’s totally fine; The important point of this article is to be yourself and make sure you make the most of your time.

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