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The Handbag You Should Carry, According to the Stars

The Handbag You Should Carry, According to the Stars

You've probably heard that your astrological sign reveals insights into your personality, relationships, health, and career. But did you know it might also guide you toward your handbag soulmate? Whether you're a friendly Gemini, a flashy Leo, or an imaginative Pisces, the stars hold clues to your dream designer bag.

Your Dream Bag Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Read on to discover the handbag you were meant to carry, according to the ancient wisdom of Babylonian astronomy. Who knows, you might find your new favorite accessory.


Aries, you're a trailblazer who charges ahead fearlessly. You need a statement bag that matches your dynamic spirit. Opt for a fiery red, vibrant orange, and bold yellow crossbody with metallic accents and a sturdy strap to keep up with your fast pace. And, for your independent and courageous nature to shine through, choose something with embellishments or an unconventional shape. 

Your ideal purse makes a bold statement, just like you. recommends:


As a Taurus, you love functional luxury. You value comfort, quality, and practicality. Your perfect purse is a chic and spacious satchel in rich brown or black leather, made with high-quality, long-lasting materials. Taurus is a pragmatic earth sign – you don't need excessive frills, just a reliable bag that can fit your phone, wallet, keys, makeup bag, book, tablet, and other daily essentials.

A designer leather satchel is the handbag equivalent of your loyal and dependable nature. It's the perfect fusion of fashion and function, aligning with your refined yet simple tastes. recommends:


A Gemini is a social butterfly who loves to chat and connect with others. Your dream handbag is a stylish bucket bag or crossbody that lets you stay hands-free while you flit around networking and conversing. Look for a piece with enough room for your essentials, from your car keys and business cards to your makeup and sunglasses.

A colorful print or unique shape that sparks conversation is ideal for an expressive Gemini. We recommend:


As a Cancer, you crave comfort and security in all areas of your life, including your handbag. Your ideal purse is stylish yet practical, with multiple pockets to keep you organized. Look for a high-quality, neutral-colored leather tote bag or hobo bag with durable straps and accents like brushed gold hardware. A bag with a zippered top and interior pockets will satisfy your need for safety, while the soft leather and classic design appeal to your refined taste. Most importantly, choose a purse roomy enough to hold everything you will need throughout your busy day taking care of others, yet still lightweight enough to carry with ease.

A bag as nurturing and all-encompassing as you are is a perfect match for a Cancer. We recommend:


As a Leo, you were born to shine like the stars. Your perfect bag is anything glamorous adorned with gold or an eye-catching gemstone closure. Look for one with luxe details like quilting, faux fur, suede, or fringe that catches attention. A splash of gold, yellow, and orange, a.k.a. your power colors, completes the look. After all, it's your destiny to reign over the social scene.

Leos love to be the center of attention. We recommend:


As a Virgo, you value practicality, simplicity, and usefulness. Your ideal handbag is functional yet stylish, with clean lines and minimal detail. Look for a structured satchel or tote in earthy, neutral tones like tan, gray, or navy blue – although a pop of vivid color (yellow, sky blue, pink) never hurt anyone. Invest in bag organizers to keep your belongings in order, especially on messy, chaotic days (we all experience them!).

A bag that transitions seamlessly from work to weekend is perfect for the versatile and efficient Virgo. recommends:


As the sign of balance and harmony, a Libra was born to carry a fabulous handbag that blends form and function. Your innate sense of aesthetics calls for accessories that not only enhance your appearance but also serve a practical purpose.

Complements your poised and well-rounded persona. recommends:


As a Scorpio, you're drawn to intensity and mystery. Your ideal handbag reflects your passionate and determined nature. Look for a bold style in deep, dramatic colors like oxblood, chocolate brown, or black. Sleek leather or suede materials evoke luxury and intrigue.

Your dream purse is functional yet makes a statement. You appreciate high quality and value longevity, an investment piece you'll carry for years. We recommend: 


As a free-spirited Sagittarius, you crave adventure and new experiences. You need a purse that can keep up with your wanderlust and thirst for exploration. Consider a rugged, durable crossbody bag or a spacious tote bag. Look for materials like leather, canvas, or denim that can handle being tossed in the back of your car or dragged along on spontaneous weekend getaways. Stay away from anything too structured or delicate. You want a purse that's as carefree as you are!

For the most adventurous of all zodiac signs, we recommend:


Capricorns are the CEO of the zodiac. You value practicality, ambition, and professionalism. Your ideal handbag reflects your pragmatic stance and desire for sophistication. A structured leather tote or briefcase in brown or gray is perfect for you. These strong yet neutral colors enhance Capricorn's reliability, solidity, and traditionalism.

Handpicked for the most business-oriented sign, recommends:


As an Aquarius, you march to the beat of your own drum. You're an independent, free-thinking spirit who values individuality. Your dream handbag reflects your unconventional style. Look for a bold statement piece with a pop of blue, your sign's signature color.

You're drawn to anything original and innovative, so choose a bag that stands out. We recommend:


As a Pisces, you're a dreamer who loves fantasy and whimsy. Carry a handbag that sparks your imagination. Embellished with gems, tassels, or fringe, a colorful Pisces purse lets your creative spirit shine through. A stylish satchel or crossbody in an ocean-inspired hue like seafoam green or cerulean blue is perfect for this imaginative water sign. Other lucky colors for Pisces are turquoise, pink, yellow, and orange.

For the creative and dreamy Pisces, recommends:

Whether you're an adventurous Saggitarius who needs extra space for spontaneous weekend getaways or a practical Capricorn who prefers an organized bag with compartments for each item, the stars have aligned to guide you to your handbag soulmate. Now that you know your astrological match, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to that gorgeous Gucci, splurge on a stylish YSL, or invest in a high-quality classic like Chanel.

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