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That LV Monogram: LV bags in Pop Culture

That LV Monogram: LV bags in Pop Culture



Ever wonder about that LV monogram bag in pop culture? When it comes to LV bags in pop culture, you will never run out of great examples. Whether you are talking about movies, books, magazines, social media, television shows, the newspaper and even the court cases of America you will be sure to find an LV bag with the monogram on it, a signature of the popular signature label.

Undoubtedly, the LV monogram bag comes from one of the world’s most renowned fashion houses. Since the year it was produced, each hand sewn bag has climbed its way up to the top of pop culture and became a symbol of prestige, style, class, sophistication and good taste. It is no wonder why more than ever, women and men around the world crave for the LV monogram to add to their personal collections. It doesn’t help that there are several LV bags in pop culture.  The fact that an LV monogram bag is both fireproof and waterproof almost does not count as it is all about the monogram.




Louis Vuitton Irene Monogram Authentic Limited Edition Handbag


Spotted Since 1854

The LV Monogram was a designer label signature bag that was established in eighteen fifty-four. The brand is known best for luxury signature suitcases punctuating departure VIP lounges in airlines across the nation and around the world. From the time it began, Vuitton was considered a luggage line that was elite. The brand extended each design into clothing later on including shoes, scarves, belts, jewellery, wallets, rugs, towels, notebooks, ties, pens and watches but LV bags remain to be one of the most iconic, easy to recognize bags in pop culture even today.

The Kardashians

There are not many figures as controversial in the pop culture of America as the Kardashians. However, whether you love them or hate them one thing you can’t deny is how great their reality television show is for bag-spotting. Exhibitionistic, conspicuous and extravagant, there is a lot of stuff in the Kardashian closets and especially for Khloe Kardashian, who seems to be spotted with almost every type of LV monogram bag. As a matter of fact, even with Kim, her sister, owning the biggest collection of LV monogram bags you may ever have seen, Khloe’s collection is not far behind.



Remember when Jennifer Hudson was the assistant of Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City? This bag happened to be the Motard Firebird Bag by Richard Prince and it cost over five thousand dollars. Other bags that starred in the film include the Denim Patchwork Bowling Bag carried by Jennifer Hudson, and Kristin Davis’ Damier Azur Boite Falcons travel case that she brought with her to travel and finally the Limelight Clutch Bag which is both unassuming and cute carried by Sarah Jessica Parker herself. That scene in which Big carries all of Carrie’s LV monogram trunks is also hard to forget in the minds of movie lovers the world over. If you don’t already know, the movie Sex and the City is a comedic romantic film made in 2008 adapted from the comedy series of HBO about four friends that include Charlotte York Goldenblatt, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Carrie Bradshaw. The show follows the lives of these forty-something females and their LV monogram bags throughout the series as well as the movie. For her own personal use, she carried a canary yellow tote bag at one point spotted in New York City as she climbed out from her car on the way to the office.



Louis Vuitton Mint Monogram Batignolles Horizontal Shoulder Tote Bag


Paris Hilton

Okay, so fashion advice is not always asked from this notorious heiress but obviously the fact that she carries an LV bag with her almost all the time does bring up the possibility of the bag being prestigious and being one way that you can get in with the elite crowd.  It just shows that women young and old are given a great impression of being able to be knowledgeable in terms of design and good taste no matter what the case may be.

The Newly Weds

Remember Jessica Simpson in the move the Newly Weds? Her LV bag was with her throughout the movie and even up to the time she and her spouse parted ways.


Louis Vuitton has its own Facebook page and once you check it out and open it in your browser, you will see that the brand uses the popular social network in order to give fans exclusive fashion show video feeds, information on the openings of its newest LV monogram stores as well as the latest range of products. This brand also uses its page on Facebook in order to feature some of the most exotic destinations in the world including Cannes, Saint Tropez and Paris. Photos of the LV monogram shot on location in these stores are featured. There are also spaces left for comments below each photograph. It is also on Facebook in which the brand is related to sports, travel, art and classical music. Some fans have expressed their love for the exhibition entitled Espace Culturels. One comment by a fan was to encourage others to see the exhibit. Another expressed appreciation for the street interview with Andre, an artist.

Court Case

In the movie the Hangover Part 2, Louis Vuitton finds that the LV monogram bag used in the movie is a fake and sues Warner Brothers. The lawsuit involved the claim made by LV that they had been misrepresented. Louis Vuitton did not win this court case, however as the judge claimed that the comically misinformed, socially inept character of Alan in the funny scene with the LV bag that was fake all seemed to fit the scene appropriately.  This ruling was made despite the fact that financial damages were sought by the luxury label.



Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Hardsided Travel & Jewelry Case



Film Production

The LV brand posts exclusive soundtracks that consist of orchestras for produced films. This helps consumers relate the posts to premium culture. The Louis Vuitton film Where Will Life Take You, for instance features a soundtrack composed by Gustavo Santaolalla with the Philharmonic orchestra featuring the same song in a symphonic orchestra.

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