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How to Start your Watch Collection: Tips and Tricks

Watch Collection

Watch Collection

Whether you are going to collect new watches or opt for vintage, when it comes to how to start a watch collection, this is a great way of investing in what you really love. There are times when the milestones in the life of a man or a woman are marked by watches. Traditionally, there were used as high school and even college gifts for graduation. On wedding days, many people get a watch as a wedding gift. For years of dedicated retirement or service, gold watches are still the usual tribute. These days however time pieces have been used for so much more. Not only are modern watches more fashionable, these are also functional and make a clear statement about the personality of a person aside from wedding bands. Often, a watch is the only piece of jewelry a man wears. Status can be derived from specific brands and these can also serve as investments as they increase in value year after year.


Step One is Research

When you are starting a watch collection, the first step is to do some research. See what is out there in the market places. Check online retailers such as Beckertime, Tourneau and Watchery to see what the latest styles are. Get informed about prices, styles and trends. From even just one single name brand, prices and value can greatly value. This depends on a watch’s type or model. For instance, a brand new watch by Rolex can range from three to thirty thousand dollars.


Vintage or New

It can be mind boggling to see all the new watches out there in the market. See what the new selections are and create a short list of the ones that you like. Make sure you are thrilled about the way a watch looks each time you wear it. Don’t buy a watch that does not absolutely thrill you. This is true whether you are buying new or vintage, or buying for investment or for your collection. New collectors make a big mistake of purchasing something that they don’t totally love just for the sake of owning something. If a watch is either vintage or new, don’t buy it if it does not completely appeal to you in every way. For those starting a watch collection filled with vintage pieces, this will require a lot of researching. Decide which brands interest you and find online auction sites that you can shop from carrying vintage watch. Check to see if the watch is near mint or mint. Avoid those in need of repair particularly if you don’t have a lot of time. The Relux has a fascinating collection of watches on sale if you’re interested in vintage or new pieces.


Storage and Care

Store watches in their original cases if you don’t wear them regularly. In a dark, dry and cool environment such as a box or chest of drawers made precisely for the purpose of watch storage. Do not let each watch touch another and instead, arrange them neatly. You also have the option of storing them in a cigar humidor box as this type is perfect for watch preservation.

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