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7 Reasons Pendants Are the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

7 Reasons Pendants Are the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Giving presents, no matter the occasion, lets you experience the joy of giving, and your recipient will be over the moon with your thoughtfulness. However, the window shopping and gift buying processes can be stressful, especially if you’re commemorating a special milestone. People say it’s the thought that counts, but that saying doesn’t remove the pressure of wanting to give the best gift possible, which should not only fit your budget, but is also memorable and meaningful to the recipient.

Whether it’s for your mom, dad, sibling, significant other, or anyone else in your circle, here’s the perfect gift for any occasion: a pendant.

Pendants at TheRelux.com are available in many styles, price ranges, colors, and from different designers. They are suitable for casual days or special occasions, adding a delightful focus and touch of uniqueness to any outfit.

Top Reasons Pendants Make a Perfect Gift

Giving a pendant as a gift can be meaningful, but also practical, even for the most “hard to shop for” friends and family in your life. Here are the reasons why pendants make a great gift.

Reason #1: Your options are vast when it comes to style, color, size, and materials.

Casual, everyday pendants add quirkiness and playfulness to even a plain shirt and denim jeans. They also add personality to more formal attires, including work clothes.

Sterling silver, beads, and colorful gemstones on a pendant look stylish without being over the top or too formal. More dressy or precious pendants, which feature gold or diamonds, add to the anticipation of special occasions. Whichever style you choose, pendants add a pop of style and glimmer to any outfit.

Reason #2: A pendant is versatile because you can change its look by switching the chain to a different style, material, or length.

You can pair pendants with different chains to maximize the number of ways you can style your jewelry. For example, this David Webb Enamel Zebra Pendant will look completely different on a simple beaded chain or a bold anchor chain. For simple yet elegant pieces such as a diamond pendant, you can wear it on a short link, perhaps inside your collar one day, and then switch to a long rope chain and style with a long open cardigan the next.

An adjustable chain is something that will make it so much easier for you to put together looks. Many adjustable chains have an extra loop, usually at 16 and 18 inches, allowing you to choose the most flattering length each time you wear it. Other chains have a slide that lets you adjust at any length you prefer. So, if you have the budget, consider buying an adjustable chain (or any chain link) to go with your pendant.

Reason #3: There’s a pendant that fits any gift-giving budget. 

From a glamorous $5,031.00 gold pendant with malachites, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds to a simple yet beautiful $35.99 sterling silver and glass apple pendant, TheRelux.com offers you a wide range of excellent quality, pre-owned pendants with varying price points.

Reason #4: You can make your gift more personal by choosing a gemstone or design that has a special meaning to the recipient.

Birthstones are excellent if you want a pendant with a personal meaning. From garnet and amethyst to topaz and turquoise, you can also select a gemstone that suits the color preferences of your recipient. For instance, the August birthstone is peridot, which comes in a captivating array of green-yellow hues. As diamonds are the birthstone of October, people born in this month have more color options. Learn more about the different diamond colors here.

Religious symbols, such as the crucifix, are traditional motifs for pendants. Whether yellow gold or silver, plain or embellished with diamonds, this type of pendant makes a lovely gift.

If your loved one adores dogs, is a nature lover, plays an instrument, or has another interest that is near and dear to her, why not present them with a pendant that reflects their personality? Here are some pendants to consider adding to your cart:

Reason #5: There’s a perfect pendant for everyone.

Men wear pendants, too. Whether they received it as an heirloom or it has spiritual significance, men can treasure pendants and other jewelry pieces just as much as women do.

From initial pendants in white gold or silver to medallions that can go on a rope chain, here are a few examples of pendants for him:

Reason #6: Unexpected things come in small packages.

If you are not a fan of giving and receiving bulky gifts, then pendants are perfect for you. What’s great about giving pendants as a present is that you can be assured of giving happiness to the recipient without experiencing the stresses that come with large, extravagant packages. Opting for a smaller gift also spares you from the headache-inducing activities that accompany hunting for the best item to purchase. All you need to do is visit an online jewelry seller that has a huge collection of pendants and other pieces–like us!

Reason #7: You can start a tradition.

You can carry on the tradition of giving charms and pendants for special occasions in your loved one’s life. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant events don't stop; they press on until the end of our time. Plus, there will always be new milestones in life to celebrate. Be the family member, friend, or partner who carefully chooses which charming pendant to give next.

A Final Word

A pendant always makes the perfect present: it’s beautiful, unique, personal, and will remind the recipient of the one who gave it. Wouldn’t you like to receive something so precious? If you’re looking for a present that makes a statement – whether for someone special or to treat yourself (as you should!) – shop pre-owned pendants from TheRelux.com now.

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